The Ultimate TikTok Influencer Marketing Guide

The way we do almost everything in life has been affected by the rise of social media.

Whether we’re browsing, buying, selling or meeting people, we do it almost exclusively on screens. If you want to get active where your customers are, learning how to use social media platforms is the best course of action for any business.

Does your first thought immediately go to the established platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? Well, according to our guide to TikTok Ads, it shouldn’t. While Facebook and Twitter continue to have sway over our social media lives, TikTok’s popularity and impact today cannot be denied.

Being relevant on TikTok is the ultimate hack for boosting your brand’s visibility. It gives you the power to start viral trends, direct the conversation, and engage with your audience.

Our guide to TikTok ads will go over all you need to know about this new rising star among social media platforms. Arm yourself with knowledge so your Tiktok marketing strategy is best-equipped for brand visibility and customer engagement!

What Are the Types of Tiktok Ads?

In-Feed Ads

Graphical examples of tiktok infeed ads
Image courtesy of Business.Tiktok

These types of TikTok ads are usually between 9 and 15 seconds long. However, if you prefer, they can last up to 60 seconds long.

Your audience can interact with your content by giving it likes, comments and shares.

Spark Ads

Screenshot examples of tiktok spark ads on mobile
Image courtesy of business.tiktok

Instead of making an ad from scratch, you can promote your existing TikTok content and user videos as Spark ads.

These types of TikTok ads have the same appearance and feel as In-Feed ads, because they show up in the feed without interfering with the user’s scrolling.

However, Spark ads have the advantage that they can direct users to a TikTok account, rather than merely to a landing page on a website.

TopView Ads

Graphical example of tiktok topview ads
Image courtesy of Business.Tiktok

These types of TikTok ads are 60 seconds long and start playing as soon as a user launches the TikTok app.

With auto-play on full sound and full-screen, plus a call-to-action button, they’re a fantastic way to catch the attention of your audience.

Branded Takeover Ads

Graphical examples of tiktok brand takeover ads
Image courtesy of Business.Tiktok

Brand Takeover Ads are full-screen ads that appear as soon as someone opens the TikTok app.

They show up in the feed, they’re only 3-5 seconds long, and each TikToker can only see one Branded Takeover ad per day! These ads can point users to a landing page or a hashtag challenge.

So, if you find these types of TikTok ads more expensive, keep in mind there is less competition for the ad space.

How to Set Up a Tiktok Ad Campaign

It wouldn’t be an all-inclusive guide to TikTok ads without the dirty details on how to set up a TikTok ad campaign.

First, choose your objective. You have a few options to select from when you set up a TikTok ad campaign:

Awareness (at the top of the sales funnel);

Consideration (mid-funnel);

Conversion (targeting sales at the bottom of the sales funnel).

Which objective is right for your campaign will depend on your business goals. Why do you need to set up a TikTok ad campaign? Are you looking to grow your audience and keep your brand top-of-mind, or are you after cold hard cash revenue?

From there, you’ll have to set your budget, whether that’s by a daily cap or a lifetime cap that applies across the entirety of the campaign.

Tiktok Advertising Best Practices

Take High-Resolution Pictures.

person taking a photo of sweets using a mobile phone

Don’t let blurry videos stop your message from getting across. You should be shooting your videos in 720p or above. This is one of the most universal elements of TikTok advertising best practices.

Have Sound in Your Videos, Too

apple earpods connected to iphone on white backdrop

Have a soundtrack to your TikTok videos. When it comes to TikTok advertising best practices, audio counts!

This could be a music track or voiceover, or simply you chatting to the camera. Almost all the top-performing TikTok ads examples use audio to boost their impression count.

Keep It Brief and to the Point

two sand timers, one with black sand and one with pink on white table

Generally, shorter TikTok videos outperform the longer ones. A quarter of the best-performing TikTok ads examples are between 20 and 35 seconds long.

In the end, the length of your TikToks should be appropriate for the information you’re attempting to convey, but it pays to keep these TikTok advertising best practices in mind.

Take Videos Using the Full Screen

female wearing blazer setting up phone to film on phone stand outdoors

Almost all of the top TikTok ads examples use the full screen – or in technical speak, that’s the 9:16 aspect ratio.

This TikTok advertising best practice creates an immersive experience to fully engage the users of the app.

You don’t want a video that fits the screen badly, displaying either a white space and screen borders or an empty black space!

Look to Vertical TikTok Ads Examples

The orientation of your video has an impact, too.

Since the great majority of TikTok ads examples are vertically oriented, you should follow the trend. You don’t want to have to force your viewers to rotate their screens, because your ads insist on swimming upstream. While it may seem innovative, you don’t want to irritate your audience.

Vertical video formats have a higher impression count than videos recorded in square or horizontal aspect ratios.

Your Tiktok Marketing Strategy

Even with our guide to TikTok ads, it might not be as simple as it seems to create a winning Tiktok marketing strategy.

There is no surefire method to guarantee you’ll achieve the intended outcomes, even if you follow our TikTok advertising best practices to the tee.

If you want the best chances of improving your brand’s visibility and increasing sales, go beyond the guide to TikTok ads and ask the experts. We know how to set up a TikTok ad campaign!

We’ll help you create the perfect Tiktok marketing strategy to master the art of social media. If you want to make sure you have the best possible opportunity of achieving your marketing goals, get in touch with the team at First Page today.

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