What is included in your competitor's SEO audit?

keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis

Find out which keywords your competitors are using and which ones are providing them with the best results and return on investment.

Opportunity Analysis

Examine the websites of your competitors, as well as their technical SEO tactics, visitor volume, and overall domain authority.

Traffic Analysis

Find out where your competitors' most important traffic comes from, including both organic and paid traffic.

seo analysis

Onsite SEO Analysis

Identify the gaps between your SEO strategy and that of your competitors to find quick-growth opportunities.

seo backlinks

Backlink Profile

Learn where your competitors obtain their connections so you may develop a strategy that outperforms theirs.

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Firstpage digital is a professional SEO agentcy that gave me confidentce and assurance that they are able to deliver on tasks!! 
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Competitor Audit Tool New Zealand


A competitor analysis is useful for loads of reasons! Firstly, it provides deeper insights into any social media strategy or content strategy that your competitors are finding successful.

Secondly, it provides a line of sight into the behaviour of consumers, shedding light on engagement rates and follower counts, while also signalling any potential market shifts.

Lastly, it’s a powerful tool to dive deeper into the top performing content and what’s getting the highest engagement rate. All of this information along with demographic data allows you to make more informed decisions on how to get your product selling and gain a competitive edge!

You sure can! There are interesting insights to be gained from your competition’s social profiles. Their social media pages will be full of information that help you pre-empt new market trends and identify opportunities to level up your own social platforms and overall social strategy.

When completing social media audits, you’ll need to consider how much traffic your competitor’s social media platforms are getting, the kind of interactions occurring on their social media, the top keywords they’re using, their following metrics, and what kind of content marketing they’re utilising for their social media networks.

Such deep insight into competitors social channels will help you strategize and seriously compete with your competitors.

Once you begin social media monitoring, you might find that your strategy changes in a few, or many ways. Perhaps via your social media auditing you’ll identify gaps in your strategy and start work on levelling up your content or begin to monitor conversations with customers more closely.

Perhaps you’ll alter the hashtags you’re using so that they’re more in line with what your target audience is looking at. Your competitive research into a competitors social media accounts could even lead you to a complete social media overhaul. Whatever it provides in terms of useful information, a regular competitor analysis is vital.

There are several social media audit tools out there. Some are paid versions while others offer a free plan. The free version offered by FirstPage gives deep insights into a competitor’s strengths and beyond just social media.

From Twitter analytics to a competitor’s websites, in just a few clicks our completely free tools will allow you to monitor a specific page and take key metrics away that are useful and tangible. Trust us, you don’t want to waste time with competitor analysis tools that fall short because we know you want to fly high!

Not in the way that James Bond rolls around and steals highly sensitive internal information. A competitor analysis with a free tool like ours is simply taking a close look at the social media performance of others, or scanning a competitors websites and competitors pages for what could be considered ‘intel’.

One thing we would bet our money on is that your multiple competitors are using competitor analysis tools to scrutinise you and your business campaigns. Analysing competing campaigns with a deep SWOT analysis is commonplace in the industry, so you won’t be breaking any rules if that’s what you’re worried about!

Whether it’s a social media audit, scrutinising over a competitor’s brand image, or keeping an eye on a live follower count, a competitor analysis can be complicated. That’s why competitor analysis tools like those offered by First Page or the likes of Social Blade are here to take the edge off.

With such a great tool you’ll get essential metrics on which competitors products are getting the most traffic, and insights into how they market them to your shared target audiences.

As a result, your social network can grow with ease and your websites can show up at the top of search engines. Get in touch with First Page and start the most important conversations today!