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Standing out… It’s what any business owner wants. You want people to see your product, to experience your brand and to grow. It’s not easy, but the likes of Bigcommerce SEO play a part in making that happen. What is Bigcommerce SEO? It’s the process that ensures your online store is visible to potential customers who are searching for what you have to offer, as they’re searching for them. Sounds like standing out to us.

At First Page, our Bigcommerce SEO services are designed to place your brand in the spotlight. We understand that SEO for Bigcommerce can’t be a blanket approach where everyone is doing the same thing. How would anyone stand out? It requires a keen understanding of your niche, target audience, and the unique features of the Bigcommerce platform. That’s where we come in as your dedicated Bigcommerce SEO agency. With years of combined technical expertise and marketing know-how, we bring you strategies that are going to deliver measurable results.

Our goal as a Bigcommerce SEO company is pretty simple but ambitious. We work to drive the right traffic to your store. But as Bigcommerce SEO experts, we don’t stop at making the most noise. We dive into what makes Bigcommerce sites unique, like optimising your storefront’s architecture, enhancing product pages for better search engine visibility, and ensuring your site is as mobile-friendly as it is user-friendly. With our range of Bigcommerce SEO services, your store will climb the search engine rankings to the top. Partner with the First Page team and you’ll be working with the pros, who are as invested in your success as you are. Our commitment is to make sure your Bigcommerce site isn’t just another digital storefront but a standout in your industry. Just like we are in ours.

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The Bigcommerce SEO experts who work with you, not just for you.

Competitor Audit - First Page

Finding your way around Bigcommerce SEO requires a knowledgeable and experienced SEO team that works to understand your brand. As Bigcommerce SEO experts, we believe the best results come from a collaborative approach. We don’t just work for you, doing what you tell us. We don’t just tell you what to do either. We work with you, making sure that every step taken in your Bigcommerce SEO aligns with your business goals and brand identity.

At First Page our Bigcommerce SEO services are comprehensive. We start by getting to know the ins and outs of your business, which allows us to customise our strategies effectively. As a Bigcommerce SEO agency, we’re equipped with the tools and expertise to enhance your online store’s performance, but it’s a personalised approach with our clients that drives true success. What truly sets us apart as a Bigcommerce SEO company is our commitment to clear communication and transparency. You’ll always be in the loop, understanding the ‘why’ behind each action, whether it’s on-page optimisation, content creation, or link-building strategies. This approach means that your insights as a business owner become a vital part of the SEO process, resulting in a strategy that feels truly yours.

Expect your Bigcommerce store to benefit from this partnership in more ways than one. From the technicalities of site speed and mobile optimisation to content that converts, our job is to make sure that your store not only reaches its target audience but resonates with them on a whole other level. As New Zealands go to SEO Bigcommerce experts, we’re always adapting to the moving landscape of search engine algorithms, making sure that your Bigcommerce store remains ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. This is SEO that evolves with you, powered by expertise and collaboration. This is First Page!

World-class Bigcommerce SEO services that will smash your goals.

The right Bigcommerce SEO strategy can be the difference between an online store that succeeds and one that simply exists. Our Bigcommerce SEO services are designed to ensure you experience the former. They work to propel your business towards real results that reflect success. As a trusted Bigcommerce SEO company, we bring world-class expertise and innovative tactics to your next campaign. Our SEO Bigcommerce specialists are experienced at crafting strategies that zoom in on your unique market position to use the strengths of your business to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Did we mention we’re committed? Our commitment as a Bigcommerce SEO agency goes beyond conventional SEO techniques. We look at the analytics of your website, to identify key areas of improvement while making sure that every change lines up perfectly with the core goals of your business. It’s a detailed process, but one that ensures each element of your online store is optimised for maximum visibility and engagement. Ask any of our past clients and they’ll tell you that what makes our Bigcommerce SEO experts stand out is their relentless pursuit of your goals. Whether it’s elevating your brand presence, amplifying sales, or establishing a dominant online authority, we work to your ambitions. Your goals are the benchmarks of our success, and our services are tailored to smash those benchmarks, every time.

SEO is an ongoing journey, not a band-aid solution. With First Page Bigcommerce SEO services, you get ongoing optimisation, regular reporting, and strategies that respond to the ups and downs, lefts and rights of search engine algorithms and market trends. We’re committed to reaching your goal so you can set new ones. Call us today and watch your Bigcommerce store outperform your expectations.

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BigCommerce SEO includes the specific strategies and practices used to optimise online stores using the BigCommerce platform for search engines. Like with general SEO, the goal is to increase your store’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), drive targeted traffic, and increase the potential for conversions and sales.

When you partner with a BigCommerce SEO agency like First Page, you’re investing in years of expertise. Our experts have a deep understanding of how BigCommerce operates, from its coding structure to its built-in SEO features and limitations. BigCommerce SEO services typically include keyword research tailored to your products and industry, optimisation of product pages, and technical SEO to make sure your site meets search engine standards for speed and usability.

SEO for BigCommerce also involves building a stand out content strategy, improving the user experience for better engagement, and building a strong backlink profile. This is an ongoing process, and BigCommerce SEO experts have to stay on top of search algorithm updates and e-commerce trends to keep your store competitive.

BigCommerce SEO is about making sure your store stands out in a crowded online space. It’s a strategic approach that goes beyond basic SEO practices by using the BigCommerce platform to your advantage.

BigCommerce SEO isn’t just good for websites, it’s GREAT for websites. It can be a defining factor for businesses that rely on the BigCommerce platform for their store’s success. SEO BigCommerce is tailored to the unique framework of BigCommerce sites, allowing you to take full advantage of the platform’s features for maximum search engine visibility.

First Page can take that a step further. Using First Page BigCommerce SEO services means your site is more likely to appear in search results for relevant queries. That’s the key, because it connects your products with consumers who are actively looking to purchase them. A BigCommerce SEO agency like First Page specialises in the platform and knows exactly how to optimise your site to attract more organic traffic.

We provide a comprehensive strategy that includes keyword optimisation, high-quality content creation, and making sure your website’s structure is search engine friendly. We’ll help you with technical aspects, such as improving site speed and mobile responsiveness – key factors that are increasingly important for search rankings and user experience.

Good BigCommerce SEO practices with First Page help ensure that your website isn’t just a storefront, but a destination for potential customers.

Using SEO in BigCommerce websites involves a strategic approach tailored to the platform’s specific features and capabilities. To start, you should ensure that your site’s structure is SEO-friendly, which includes using descriptive, keyword-rich URLs and creating a logical hierarchy for your products and categories.

BigCommerce SEO services often include optimising product pages with relevant keywords without overstuffing them, ensuring they appear naturally within titles, descriptions, and image alt text. Metadata, such as title tags and meta descriptions, should be engaging and include primary keywords to improve click-through rates from search engine results pages.

Content is another important element, and our BigCommerce SEO experts recommend maintaining a blog or resource section on your BigCommerce site where you can publish informative, original content that provides value to your customers. This content should be optimised for both users and search engines, and have a focus on topics and keywords relevant to your audience.

By partnering with a BigCommerce SEO company like First Page digital agency, you can make use of our expertise to be sure that all these elements work together to improve your site’s visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic and enhancing user experience.

BigCommerce is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that offers a range of features designed to help businesses build, operate, and scale their online stores effectively. Among its top features is the user-friendly interface, which makes it straightforward for BigCommerce SEO experts at First Page to optimise online stores for search engines (we’re big fans).

One major feature is the platform’s built-in SEO tools that simplify the process of optimising your site. These include customisable URLs, automated image optimisation with Akamai Image Manager, and built-in data, which can enhance the way search engines read and represent your site in search results.

BigCommerce also has integration capabilities, allowing for connection with various applications and tools. This can be particularly useful for advanced SEO strategies. What’s more, BigCommerce provides out-of-the-box features for speed optimisation, making sure that websites load quickly, a vital factor in both SEO and user experience. Another valuable feature for retailers is the platform’s multi-channel selling capabilities, enabling you to sell not just through your website but also across various marketplaces and social media, all managed from the BigCommerce dashboard.

Lastly, the platform has an emphasis on security and reliability with its hosting solutions, ensuring that BigCommerce SEO services can operate on a stable and secure foundation.

Knowing if your BigCommerce SEO efforts are producing fruit involves tracking specific metrics and watching for changes over time. An increase in organic traffic to your BigCommerce site is a clear indicator that your SEO strategies are taking effect. By using tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor the number of visitors coming from search engines. That reflects the visibility of your site in search results.

Engagement metrics such as bounce rate, session duration, and pages per session are also important. An improvement in these areas suggests that your site is attracting more visitors, and the content is relevant and engaging to your audience. And an upward trend in rankings for your targeted keywords is a sign that your SEO is on the right track.

Another sign of successful SEO is an increase in conversions. Whether it’s more sales, sign-ups, or inquiries, achieving your specific business goals is the ultimate show of effective SEO. Lastly, your BigCommerce SEO services should yield a growing presence in local search results if local SEO is part of your strategy. That translates to more visibility in your business area.

Selecting a BigCommerce SEO company requires careful consideration, yes. You want to make sure they’re the right fit for your business needs. Begin by examining their track record and experience with BigCommerce platforms specifically. A company with a strong portfolio of successful BigCommerce projects can be a good indicator of their capability to handle your SEO needs.

Next, evaluate the range of services offered. A comprehensive BigCommerce SEO agency should provide a range of SEO services including keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, content creation, and link building. Ensure they have a clear process for each of these aspects and can tailor their approach to your unique business.

Look at the SEO company‘s reputation and reviews from past clients. Client testimonials and case studies can offer insight into the company’s effectiveness. Lastly, consider the value for money. While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, the pricing should be transparent, and the expected ROI should justify the investment.

Now, did we mention we tick all those boxes? We probably should have started with that but we don’t like to be pushy. But, we’re so sure that we’re the right fit that if you don’t see results… you don’t pay!