Email Subject Line Tester Tool


Even when the promotion or offer you’re running is the best, the content found in the email is top shelf and your targeting is on point, none of that matters if your target audience doesn’t click.

That’s why it’s so important to both grab their attention and pique their interest with a solid email subject line, and why subject lines are the most important elements of the campaign. Utilise the best of the best subject line testers right here!

First, you want to keep the word count to 4-6 words total. Above 6 and you risk email clients cutting it off, and below 4 can affect open rates negatively. So word count must be between 4 and 6.

Then there’s character count. Data from marketers has shown between 21-40 character count (including spaces) is where open rates are highest so keep within that window.

Next is word choice. Spam words of course need to be avoided at all costs – including within the preheader text – and you need to find a good balance of eliciting emotion and getting your point across. Test the wording of subject lines using the awesome tool on this page.

Also consider the emotion you want to elicit from your market. There’s a good headline analyzer available with the Advanced Marketing Institute, a simple tool which will analyze the words you use and let you know what the emotional value is of the prospective email subject line.

There most definitely are! Email marketing campaigns follow the path of review, send, check. The review phase consists of making sure each element (subject line, sender name, subscribers address information, etc.) is correct before you send. Check and double-check to ensure there’s no wastage once you execute the campaign.

Essentially it’s all about test, test, test, test. Then test one more time. There are actually five different tests that should be completed before sending even one email – ask us what they all are by calling 0800 235 001!

The quality of subject lines is so important that they do need to be a main focus, with plenty of time, effort and A/B tests involved to compare and optimize. Word mixture, balance, length and more should be carefully considered. Our email subject line tester makes things easier: we’ve developed it for business owners and marketers, and with our myriad other tools available, we know you’ll see campaign success!

Finally, it’s important to not trigger spam filters. A site called Mailmeteor scores your copy and offers a comprehensive spam report on your email subject line, preheader and email body copy.

If you want to get the best results, using an email subject line tester just makes sense. It is a helpful tool (backed by data) that lets marketers test, compare, show length, offer suggestions, and provide a score so you can address issues. Email subject line tester tools let you optimize for your audience. Test subject lines now at the top of this page.