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Technology that transforms agency-client collaboration.

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself what exactly your digital marketing agency is doing for your business, you’re not alone. At the end of the day, you want to know the money you’re investing is being spent and that they’re helping you hit the goals you’ve set.

The team at First Page understands this completely, and through this understanding recognised that there existed a legitimate need for a change in the digital marketing industry. Because for a while there, it was almost as if agencies stagnated in regards to what clients were offered in multiple areas of the industry.

And off the back of this came the industry-changing tech developed in-house at First Page, SENTR. What this truly groundbreaking software does is to switch the light on in what was in the past the dark space of digital marketing for clients. Using SENTR you will never, ever be left wondering where your investment is going or how your campaigns are performing again.

SENTR, an acronym for ‘Synchronised Engagement Network for Tasks and Reporting, manages every element of your campaign including real-time reporting, invoicing, task management and much more, leaving all aspects of our services to you fully transparent and readily available.

While our expertise in digital marketing puts us leagues ahead of our competition, SENTR changes the entire game.

Get answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet.

When you work with a digital marketing agency for services like SEO, conversion rate optimisation and/or social media management and marketing, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually be asking questions to yourself including:

  • Where’s the most recent marketing plan?
  • Where did I save that email which had the campaign results in it?
  • How do I find the files that were sent through for approvals?
  • Have we paid the latest invoice?
  • Where does the money we pay them go?

For a good deal of time, digital agencies were falling really short in terms of transparency to their clients when it came to information sharing.

That is, until SENTR. And when you partner with First Page, you’ll get instant access to this advanced technology. That means right from the start, everything is as clear as day and every element of your account and marketing campaigns are accessible whenever you want to check up on things.

Increased campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

With one central location that you can visit that provides you all the functionality you could ever need such as campaign management, reporting, approvals, file storage and invoicing, partnering with us is unbelievably efficient – right from the beginning.

What SENTR does is completely eradicate annoying – and time-consuming – searches through countless emails to find a missing invoice, file or anything else. It’s all right there waiting for you at the wonderfully user-friendly SENTR hub.

Campaigns that are more efficient - and more effective.

Creating one centralized hub that meets all of your needs including reporting, campaign management, file storage, approvals and invoicing means the highest level of efficiency for your marketing campaign.

SENTR removes the need to frantically search for an invoice, those files or that email, and you’ll never lose track of any important conversations again.

Save money with SENTR.

‘Okay,’ you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Now they’re messing with me. How can I possibly save money by using SENTR?’

But we’re actually being completely serious. The many different workflow and project management tools that exist within the SENTR software minimises how much manual work is involved when developing, executing and optimising your campaign. Which means you save money!

Lower your overhead costs while simplifying the way you work with your digital agency and partner with First Page and our proprietary technology SENTR today. 

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FAQs about SENTR.

If you’ve worked with a digital agency in the past, chances are you’ve felt a little lost in regards to where your investment was being spent, the performance of each campaign and what was being done to make sure you saw the most impressive ROI possible.

Now, before we had the power of SENTR on our side, First Page took pride in ensuring every one of our clients never felt left out of the loop or in the dark.

We always have – and continue to – maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the planning, asset building, execution, optimisation and reporting stages. But with the introduction of the industry-first SENTR technology, our clients can now stay more informed and up-to-date than ever before. You can log into your account and quickly and easily check up on the progress of your campaign, approve/request revisions to marketing assets, view past and new invoices, see what our team is doing to optimise your live campaigns and plenty more.

Plus, because we’re well aware how all-consuming operating a business is we’ve made sure to build email notifications into the functionality lineup of SENTR. So if you’re having a hectic day and simply can’t find the time to log in, you’ll get an email should any important action or update need to be communicated.

Finally, because SENTR takes care of a multitude of tasks that would otherwise have been completed manually, you’re even reducing the costs to manage your campaign!

If you’d like to ‘try before you buy’, we completely understand – you want to experience for yourself just how amazing it is before signing up for our first-class digital marketing services. 

And we would be happy to walk you through how all of the functions and tools work in SENTR, giving you a practical demonstration of how wonderfully intuitive it is. 

Just give our friendly team a call on 0800 235 001 to arrange a time to run through it. If you’d prefer, send us a message online letting us know you’d like to tee up a SENTR demo and we’ll get back to you soon. 

At First Page, we know just how essential great UX is for any website or piece of software. For this reason, our team spent an incredible amount of time in the development of the SENTR technology to ensure its interface was as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Its functionality is never-before-seen, but while it’s ages ahead of any of our competitors’ tools you’ll have absolutely no issues whatsoever using it to find exactly what you want.

If you are somehow able to think of a way to make it even easier to use than it is now, though, we’d love to hear from you! Call us on 0800 235 001 to let us know today

If you’re a client at First Page, accessing the groundbreaking SENTR technology is… 100%

Yup, as long as you’re one of our clients, you gain instant access to SENTR and all it has to
offer. Pretty cool, right?

Especially when you consider we’re an industry-leading digital
marketing agency in New Zealand (and around the world).

So whether it’s just one or two of our awesome digital services or the full gamut, SENTR’s
features are yours for using.

Have a chat with us today to find out how our expert digital
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