How to Advertise on Instagram for Free

Instagram ads are a hot topic right now, and it’s pretty obvious to see why. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the most popular platform for visual content.

The dominant social network presents a huge opportunity for digital marketers to reach their target audience. And if you’re not there, you’re late to social media – because your competitors are already on it.

It makes sense why so many businesses are trying to understand Instagram ads, but the social network often leaves people feeling daunted.

Are you testing a new social network but only want to dip your feet in to start off? Have you already used up all of your social media marketing tactics and need new ideas? Are you short on capital and prefer a guerilla marketing approach to Instagram ads?

Whatever the reason, there are some fantastic ways to advertise on Instagram for free. Here is a simple, step-by-step guide. Have a look at the tried and tested approaches we recommend.

Curate Your Feed for Balance

instagram displayed on a laptop and mobile on wooden desk

Whether you learnt it from Star Wars or the Dao, it’s all about balance.

Specifically, you need to create a balance between product and lifestyle shots in your feed. Curation is key.

You must be extremely proud of the goods and services your business provides! But it doesn’t pay to push them too often. You have to find the middle ground between showcasing your items and sounding like a hackneyed sales pitch.

Because Instagram is primarily a social network platform, rather than a medium for advertising, your audience has to want to see your ads. Interest and engagement can’t be ignored if you want to increase your following and make more sales.

Planning is everything. It’s crucial to get a holistic view of how your feed seems now and how you need to post to achieve your goals.

Keep an eye on your Instagram statistics to make sure tactics are working. If you have been overly promoting your products, you should tailor back and keep the content light, inspirational and informative.

Invite Your Followers In to See More

Your followers want to learn more about your company. They’re intelligent and curious, so invite them in behind the scenes!

Instead of merely offering photos of your products and lifestyle shots, you need to take the time to showcase what your brand stands for.

In the era of conscious consumerism, people are interested in how your items are manufactured, who runs the company, and what your environmental and social impact policies are.

That’s good news! It creates fantastic opportunities for interesting Instagram ads that your followers will adore. It’s a subtle way to sell your goods and services.

Your Start-Up Story

neon sign that says the journey is on

One way to do this is to use Instagram Stories to tell your brand’s story. From your startup’s challenges and some of your finest achievements so far, you should never shy away from explaining to your followers why and how you decided to start your business.

Behind the Scenes

male crouching and recording video on mobile

Another approach is to bring your followers into the warehouse. For example, you could show them the people who work to source the supplies or manufacture the product. These Instagram ads help to showcase the quality that goes into your product range.

Spread the Word with Hashtags

hashtag on notebook with pencil on top

Are you a small brand that’s just starting out? It can be challenging on Instagram ads, where every business is competing to stand out in a crowded world.

However, much like in real life, word-of-mouth advertising is extremely helpful. There’s no better way to develop the reputation of your brand on the social network.

For an online photo-sharing platform like Instagram, hashtags perform the function of word-of-mouth recommendations.

You can get started right away by building a base of active followers and making use of a social media hashtag. This makes it easier for your fans to share your content and, therefore, indirectly contribute to growing your brand.

If you want to get your audience to advocate for your business, this is one of the simplest and yet most effective methods. There are no better Instagram influencers to advocate for your business than the fans, followers and customers you already have!

Again, your Instagram statistics keep it easy to track how well your hashtags are performing on the online photo-sharing platform.

Elevate Your Product Displays

male taking photo of sculpture

You can’t just show your product suite. It has to look beautiful, too, especially on such a visually oriented online photo-sharing platform like Instagram.

The good news is that you can make your Instagram Stories appear amazing without much of a budget. If you can’t pay for a graphic designer or video editor, don’t worry, there are plenty of online tools to help you out.

There are some incredible photo and video editing programmes that make it easy – and free – to create and share content. These tools are readily available online, packed with useful templates, and can really step up how your products are presented on a social media platform.

At the end of the day, an e-commerce project is competing with everyone, from other brands in your industry to the best of the Instagram influencers. Production value is key to carving out a niche that your competitors can’t encroach on.

We’re the Experts in Instagram Ads

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