From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes

Skyrocket your traffic and improve sales by teaming up with an award-winning SEO agency

Skyrocket your traffic and improve sales by teaming up with an award-winning SEO agency

Getting buried on a search engine is denying you many customers looking for your offerings; offerings that are probably superior to the guys monopolising first page. We understand how frustrating this can be, and as the top-rated digital marketing agency in New Zealand, we can help you flip the script.

In a world teeming with companies each claiming to be the best, finding a good digital marketing agency can be a nightmare. Most will talk a big game but in truth, they have either 1). never built a successful business outside of their own or 2). are promoting strategies that are only going to line their pockets; most likely both. At First Page, we own and run multiple companies outside of our SEO agency, so we know first-hand what it takes to make a business prosper online.

It’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole with your digital marketing exploits in the hope you’ll land a good SEO service in New Zealand. First Page is a top-ranking SEO agency for a reason: we have a track record of delivering an insane amount of traffic for brands, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Let us deliver you the visibility you deserve.

First page office

No point risking your business with a digital marketing agency that outsources your search engine optimisation to a second-rate outfit

First page office

It’s common practice in New Zealand for SEO teams to outsource your work to cheap labour factories in developing countries.

At First Page, we would never put your business at risk by cutting corners. Everything is done in-house by New Zealand SEO specialists who work closely with you to max out the likelihood of achieving your SEO goals.

Our Recent Work Amway

We developed and executed an integrated digital strategy comprising of multiple paid media channels & SEO and here are the results:

return on marketing spend within 6 months

Our roadmap of results is easier to follow than
Leo Dicaprio’s love life

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Comprehensive digital audit

We're a practical, data-driven SEO agency that delves into the crux to understand how your digital marketing channels are faring. With the aid of our proprietary tech, our SEO team will perform an SEO audit on what's working and use keyword research to identify buried opportunity troves that could be exploited.

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No fluff, bulletproof growth strategy

Our SEO team will develop and implement an SEO strategy to target keywords tailored strictly for your brand. A meticulous battle plan, this SEO strategy is scalable and refined to hit your most ambitious targets.

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Judge us by our results

We're a digital marketing agency obsessed with results; high-performance results. This is why the only language we understand is exceptional ROI. We'll measure and monitor your growth keenly to ensure all KPI's are surpassed.

The First Page engine is powered by our proprietary technology - SENTR™

SENTR™ is the system that distinguishes First Page from other second-rate agencies. It was designed with your needs in mind. SENTR™ will help you…

  • Keep track of your campaign’s progress at all times.
  • Your results are simple to obtain and comprehend.
  • Keep up with the most recent technological advancements.
  • Spend less time communicating with others.
  • On a daily basis, competitive intelligence.
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Generated over $3.8+ billion
in sales for our clients
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500+ Google reviews globally
with a 4.9/5 rating
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Won 14 digital awards
and counting

This is our Conor McGregor section.
The one where we tell you how good we are.

“ They continually exceeded expectations! First Page is responsive, and they are always available to answer questions. Professionalism is a hallmark of their work. ”

Zoe - Product Manager

“ From day 1, First Page were aligned and driven to exceed our business goals. They're the best in the digital growth game! ”


“ Right from the moment we signed them on, they've been simply fantastic. A brilliant team led by really warm and friendly people. They are always ready to help, however basic the questions be. ”

SahilAssistant Digital Marketing Manager

Why we’re marriage material

First Page

Transparent, in-depth online reporting with actionable insights and recommendations.

First Page

Nothing is outsourced overseas. We employ 170+ in-house performance marketers, SEO technicians, developers and social media specialists in our Melbourne office.

First Page

All members of our execution & account servicing teams are Google Black Belt Certified.

First Page

Unbeatable quarterly performance milestones.

First Page

We are a Google “Premier Partner”, which means as of June 2021 - only 3% of all global agencies will maintain this title - we are one of them.

First Page

Your campaign builds, research and data are yours to keep.

Level up your SEO and show your competition a clean pair of heels

Level up your SEO and show your competition a clean pair of heels

With business increasingly going digital, trying to stand out from the ferocious competition in your industry can be an elusive pursuit. The silver lining is that digital platforms levelled the playing field so everyone has a fair shot at glory. But there is a caveat: the SEO execution has to be absolutely spot on.

As the leading SEO consultant in New Zealand, First Page tops the list of the one per cent. Which is simply another way of saying by partnering with us as your SEO agency of choice, your brand won’t have to play catch up anymore: large corporation or small enterprise, you’ll be the one the competition will be struggling to keep up with.

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with a seasoned digital strategist valued at $2000.

We outline foolproof strategies for significantly increasing website traffic and revenue, even in difficult economic times.

Hurry! There are only a few open spots.


Our SEO Process

The dedicated marketing specialists at First Page will do everything in their power to give your business the attention (and sales!) that it deserves.

Digital Marketing Specialist

You will first be partnered with a certified Digital Marketing Specialist who will take care of your marketing strategy and help you achieve your needs and objectives. Your assigned marketing professional will be there for you throughout the process to ensure you are set to succeed!

Keyword & Market Research

Lost for words? At First Page, that can be a thing of the past! Our SEO specialists are well-versed in the areas of market research, competitor & data analysis and collating opportunities in the marketplace. After comprehensive research, we will put together a keyword list for your content to increase its exposure and help it rank on Google.

Website Optimisation

Our team will give you exclusive access to SEO insights in order to enhance your website. With our assistance, your business will be well prepared to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase your traffic rates, leads and revenue. You can trust that we will take all the necessary measures so that you don’t have to.

Strategy Implementation

Here's the greatest part: All the important information our team has gathered about your company, the target market, and SEO will be incorporated at the vital strategy implementation stage to provide an all-encompassing marketing strategy that is destined for success.

Campaign Tracking

One of our core values at First Page is transparency, so we believe that our clients should have access to the developments of their marketing campaigns with us. Your account manager will schedule frequent meetings with you to go through changes in your industry, successful campaign methods and emerging trends.

Building Brand Authority

After all of this has been done, you should see improvements in all your key metrics — be it month on month or year on year. We have the skills to make fresh brands into well-known ones. It’s prime time to work with First Page on a results-driven SEO plan!

We service the whole
of New Zealand!

SEO Agency New Zealand


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essentially the optimisation of your web pages or online content with the goal of them showing up more frequently and higher in search results on a search engine. Search engine results are influenced by a number of factors.

Your SEO strategy needs to consider the use of SEO strategies such as utilising target keywords, phrases, images, tags and more so that your website pages and blog posts appear in the top search rankings. Google search is an example. When someone searches something in Google, Google analytics will scan the web for the most relevant results based on the technical SEO (relevant phrases, keywords, tags, images, location on Google maps etc.). Our SEO specialists can ensure your digital marketing strategy includes the most powerful search engine optimisation.

A quality SEO strategy is about more than just key words. Many search engine optimisation services provided by many a digital marketing agency can have a high number of key words but be unreadable. We’ve all come across that evident ‘click bait’ that was obviously written solely by AI.

The key to quality SEO services is getting that balance right between keyword research and keyword writing, but also sounding human and readable. You don’t want to skyrocket in Google rankings and website traffic only for people to find your landing page SEO content so woeful that they associate your brand with Microsoft Sam.

For years, our SEO specialists have been helping New Zealand businesses please the search algorithm of many a search engine while ensuring that potential customers will be able to enjoy reading what’s on your site.

We’ll keep this distinction as simple as we can, because we’re all about being clear and concise at FirstPage. An SEO campaign drives organic rankings on a search results page.

The content creation costs money, yes, but the results can be ever more long term and lasting. Pay-per-click (PPC) on the other hand is more of a quick fix. Think Google ads. Google ads are ad placements or online real-estate you bid for on a Google results page. They’re up there while you’re paying.

That’s where the SEO experts (us) come in. For your next SEO project to turn over page 1 results on a search engine, you’ll need to implement effective targeted keyword web design and utilise the right ads. Our SEO team isn’t all for one and one for all. We’re about finding a unique mix of SEO services and PPC that is right for your brand and its growth goals.

Really, any online business deserves affordable SEO services that levels up their on page SEO, and any online business would benefit from it. Mostly, e-commerce websites are the ones seeking SEO work as they aim to bring in more visitors than their competitors but, really, don’t we all want that no matter our business?

None of us should underestimate the power of organic search engine marketing. Having an expertly considered website structure, tailored inbound links and link building, meta tags and long tail keywords as part of strong SEO campaigns is a vital part of any digital strategy. Get in touch with FirstPage and you’ll soon be in good SEO company.

We’ll ensure your local business is popping in local search engine results pages, or on a national or international stage. You make the call.

First of all, it takes time. We’re not talking years, but we’re also not necessarily talking days. Unlike when you run Google ads, organic search engine optimisation isn’t instant. That’s why our SEO audit process is ongoing as we build your online profile through a number of optimised pages and ongoing website development.

Over time, you’ll find your brand hitting the top of local searches and then search engine rankings on a national and even international stage. You’ll know it’s working when your website traffic shows steady growth and suddenly starts to visit new peaks. It’s a long-term strategy for those businesses in it for the long run.

Choosing the right search engine optimisation company for you can be a headache. There are loads of SEO companies out there. Search ‘SEO Auckland‘ or ‘Auckland SEO‘ and you’ll likely fall off your chair.

In comes FirstPage. We’ll complete research of the best terms for optimisation, have the know-how of the most essential local SEO elements, and conduct continuous SEO audits to ensure we’re hitting the nail on the head so that your on page optimisation is at peak performance.

As we’ve mentioned though, the most important thing to consider when sifting through most SEO companies is their ability to help you stand out in the SEO space with organic results that don’t sound like they were scripted by Micrsoft Sam. The team of Web developers, content creators, and SEO specialists at FirstPage know how. Get in touch today if you want to see your search engine optimisation skyrocket.