Skyrocket your traffic and improve sales by teaming up with an award-winning SEO agency

Skyrocket your traffic and improve sales by teaming up with an award-winning SEO agency

Getting buried on a search engine is denying you many customers looking for your offerings; offerings that are probably superior to the guys monopolising first page. We understand how frustrating this can be, and as the top-rated digital marketing agency in New Zealand, we can help you flip the script.

In a world teeming with companies each claiming to be the best, finding a good digital marketing agency can be a nightmare. Most will talk a big game but in truth, they have either 1). never built a successful business outside of their own or 2). are promoting strategies that are only going to line their pockets; most likely both. At First Page, we own and run multiple companies outside of our SEO agency, so we know first-hand what it takes to make a business prosper online.

It’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole with your digital marketing exploits in the hope you’ll land a good SEO service in New Zealand. First Page is a top-ranking SEO agency for a reason: we have a track record of delivering an insane amount of traffic for brands, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Let us deliver you the visibility you deserve.

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No point risking your business with a digital marketing agency that outsources your search engine optimisation to a second-rate outfit

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It’s common practice in New Zealand for SEO teams to outsource your work to cheap labour factories in developing countries.

At First Page, we would never put your business at risk by cutting corners. Everything is done in-house by New Zealand SEO specialists who work closely with you to max out the likelihood of achieving your SEO goals.

Our Recent Work Amway

We developed and executed an integrated digital strategy comprising of multiple paid media channels & SEO and here are the results:

return on marketing spend within 6 months

Our roadmap of results is easier to follow than
Leo Dicaprio’s love life

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Comprehensive digital audit

We're a practical, data-driven SEO agency that delves into the crux to understand how your digital marketing channels are faring. With the aid of our proprietary tech, our SEO team will perform an SEO audit on what's working and use keyword research to identify buried opportunity troves that could be exploited.

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No fluff, bulletproof growth strategy

Our SEO team will develop and implement an SEO strategy to target keywords tailored strictly for your brand. A meticulous battle plan, this SEO strategy is scalable and refined to hit your most ambitious targets.

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Judge us by our results

We're a digital marketing agency obsessed with results; high-performance results. This is why the only language we understand is exceptional ROI. We'll measure and monitor your growth keenly to ensure all KPI's are surpassed.

The First Page engine is powered by our proprietary technology - SENTR™

SENTR™ is the system that distinguishes First Page from other second-rate agencies. It was designed with your needs in mind. SENTR™ will help you…

  • Keep track of your campaign’s progress at all times.
  • Your results are simple to obtain and comprehend.
  • Keep up with the most recent technological advancements.
  • Spend less time communicating with others.
  • On a daily basis, competitive intelligence.
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500+ Google reviews globally
with a 4.9/5 rating
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Won 14 digital awards
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The one where we tell you how good we are.

“ They continually exceeded expectations! First Page is responsive, and they are always available to answer questions. Professionalism is a hallmark of their work. ”

Zoe - Product Manager

“ Team First Page has extensive experience which enables them to understand our business needs and goals. They are highly responsive and accommodating. ”

EricaHead of Marketing

“ Right from the moment we signed them on, they've been simply fantastic. A brilliant team led by really warm and friendly people. They are always ready to help, however basic the questions be. ”

SahilAssistant Digital Marketing Manager

Why we’re marriage material

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Transparent, in-depth online reporting with actionable insights and recommendations.

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Nothing is outsourced overseas. We employ 170+ in-house performance marketers, SEO technicians, developers and social media specialists in our Melbourne office.

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All members of our execution & account servicing teams are Google Black Belt Certified.

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Unbeatable quarterly performance milestones.

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We are a Google “Premier Partner”, which means as of June 2021 - only 3% of all global agencies will maintain this title - we are one of them.

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Your campaign builds, research and data are yours to keep.

Level up your SEO and show your competition a clean pair of heels

Level up your SEO and show your competition a clean pair of heels

With business increasingly going digital, trying to stand out from the ferocious competition in your industry can be an elusive pursuit. The silver lining is that digital platforms levelled the playing field so everyone has a fair shot at glory. But there is a caveat: the SEO execution has to be absolutely spot on.

As the leading SEO consultant in New Zealand, First Page tops the list of the one per cent. Which is simply another way of saying by partnering with us as your SEO agency of choice, your brand won’t have to play catch up anymore: large corporation or small enterprise, you’ll be the one the competition will be struggling to keep up with.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with a seasoned digital strategist valued at $2000.

We outline foolproof strategies for significantly increasing website traffic and revenue, even in difficult economic times.

Hurry! There are only a few open spots.


We service the whole
of New Zealand!

SEO Agency New Zealand

An overview of SEO services

SEO – search engine optimisation in full – is a digital marketing practice concerned with using various techniques to appeal to search engine algorithms, the aim being to rank your website higher so that you can enjoy the litany of benefits that come with the favourable ranking.

SEO involves a set of onsite, offsite and technical strategies that include everything from keyword research, to website optimisation, to developing quality SEO content and link building, among other techniques. Although the exact parameters used to rank websites are only known to the search engine itself, an SEO consultant should be well-placed to tell what combination of ranking factors can improve your chances of landing on the first page of search results (SERPs).

It is possible to perform basic SEO services in-house, but if you need a solid SEO strategy that will get you winning search results, it’s best to enlist an SEO specialist. However, always keep in mind that strong>New Zealand SEO companies are not equal. Majority of SEO companies won’t deliver the results they promise. This is why your budget would be best utilised by teaming with a reputable agency like First Page that has a proven track record of getting the job done.

Link building is a facet of SEO services that involves developing high quality content around a brand’s offerings or industry to increase the likelihood of closely-related websites sharing this content with their own audience.

Link building is a big deal because not only does it bring you referral traffic, but also each hyperlink pointing to your website (known as a backlink) is interpreted by the search engine as an endorsement of your website’s quality. This improves your authority as search algorithms perceive this as an indication that prospects will find useful information on your website.

You don’t have to create the content yourself. You can outsource this to a New Zealand based company that offers link building and SEO services . As with all things SEO, however, the level of quality offered by every SEO service will differ.

It depends on a lot of factors, but what you need to understand about SEO is that it takes time for the search results to reflect, as any reputable SEO agency will tell you. Factors that can determine how long it takes to rank include, for example, the age of your website, the number of referring domains, seasonality and the industry you’re in (competition is rifer in some industries more than others) all have a say. Your domain rating and domain authority will have also have a bearing on the ranking time.

At First Page, we have a tried-and-tested formula that can catapult you to the top of search results using what is known as white-hat SEO tactics (aka strategies that Google and other search engines advocate for).

Content is king, it’s often said. Question is, what exactly constitutes great content? In a nutshell, good content is content that strikes a balance between appealing to search engines and human readers.

You can always borrow from Google’s E-A-T guidelines which advocate for highly readable content – that is, content with clear headings, simple fonts and no annoying ads; content that speaks to your target audience. Google is increasingly basing its rankings on content quality. According to research, this means blogs longer than 1000 words and content that is absolutely unique, featuring keywords that address user intent, and featuring both internal and external links.

Quality SEO is where the rubber meets the road. There is no hiding its results and it is how you can tell if an SEO company has delivered or not. SEO as a practice is always evolving, so you find that ranking factors that were applicable in the past such as keyword stuffing no longer wash today.

A lot of this has to do with the advancement of search engines which today prioritise high-quality content that is unique and keyword-driven but at the same time fashioned to appeal to real people. It’s what Google refers to as the E-A-T ranking factor (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Whether you’re developing your content in-house or outsourcing it to a New Zealand SEO agency, the goal should be to create content that provides solutions to your readers and keeps them on your website for longer. User intent is a big part of every comprehensive SEO campaign, but for search engines to love your content even more, it needs to be riding on the back of a well-structured website that is fast and easy to navigate.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to rank your website higher on search results so you can use the visibility to better tap into organic search traffic, the holy grail of every brand promoting its products or services online. SEO takes time to realise results but the traffic potential makes it worthwhile, provided you find a credible SEO team to execute a solid strategy for you.

Pay-per-click (PPC), for its part, is about embarking on paid advertisement campaigns which appear on search results. It is a form of very targeted SEO whose results are instant as a paid campaign basically places your ads on the first page of a search engine. However, that is not without its cost, which is why if you’re launching a PPC campaign like Google Adwords, you’ll need a considerable budget in order to reach your target market and generate meaningful sales. The upside is that unlike SEO, the results are instant , although this will also depend on the degree of proficiency of your SEO consultant.

A long-term SEO strategy needs to be a carefully thought-out process, otherwise you’d be better served saving the money, time and frustration of working with a second-rate New Zealand SEO company.

Every ranking campaign at First Page starts with a thorough understanding of the goals you – our client – is looking to achieve. Unlike the majority of SEO companies in NZ, we take the time to understand both your target market and competition in earnest. Once that is done, we do a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify the areas where the biggest room for growth lies.

We then proceed to develop a bespoke strategy unique to your business, relying on SEO techniques that are sure to maximise rankings. After a while, you will notice the clear results of our SEO services, but it doesn’t end there for us. We analyse the results and continuously fine-tune them to yield even better performance.

All the while, we remain in constant communication with you so you understand clearly how your budget is being utilised. This transparency is one of the many things that have endeared our SEO agency to so many brands.

The whole point of hiring SEO services in New Zealand is to rank favourably on a search engine. But what does it take to rank for those very competitive keywords?

Developing clear goals for your campaign is the first step, following which you should then identify the necessary keywords to target with respect to your products and audience. The keyword analysis aspect is not complete without gauging how your competition is performing for the very keywords you’re targeting. Remember, what you’re aiming for as part of your strategy is to create content that beats what’s already there in every possible way.

Other things you need to factor in when you’re aiming for Page 1 results include technical and offsite optimisation, a mobile-friendly layout and of course, the blog itself (updated with fresh quality content regularly) needs to be engaging. Once everything is up and running, you need an SEO specialist to constantly monitor and tweak the strategy based on results. With these procedures done, the groundwork is laid for rising from mediocre ranking to first page.

Why optimising search engines is essential for business growth.

SEO doesn’t come at a fixed cost since the pricing depends on a set of factors.

For example, as your SEO agency will tell you, some niches are more expensive to rank for as the cost per keyword is high. That aside, the scope of the search engine optimisation services involved will also have a bearing on the invoice you receive from your digital marketing agency. For instance, are you looking to overhaul your website from scratch or are you only enlisting the search engine optimisation company for say, content work and link building?

Furthermore, SEO agency pricing models differ – there is cheap SEO, mid-range SEO and high-end SEO, all of which are priced differently.

Unlike most New Zealand SEO companies that offer blanket quotations, our SEO services are priced on a per-project basis. We first begin by understanding your needs and objectives, before our search specialists proceed to perform a comprehensive analysis of your website, target market and industry complexities. It doesn’t matter whether your monthly SEO budget is $500 or $5,000.

Once your digital campaign is up and running, we continually monitor the progress and hone our approach to achieve even better results. The cost of our SEO services guarantees the best bang for buck out there.

SEO is not a preserve of a few select industries or businesses like e-commerce stores: any business in any field can find the services of an digital marketing company useful – plumbers, real estate agents, tradesmen and women, restaurateurs, lawyers, dentists and other service providers can all use SEO services to attract more business and increase revenue. Local businesses (brick-and-mortar) can benefit from local SEO and risk missing out on a lot of opportunities by failing to leverage digital marketing. Same applies for companies with a global clientele.

According to research, the majority of website traffic comes from organic search. Better yet, more studies done on search engine rankings have shown that organic search customers are the highest value customers, meaning these highly engaged prospects are more likely than others to purchase from you. This is why, in a nutshell, search engine rankings are super important for every business.

To reap the benefits of SEO, you need a well-executed SEO strategy that takes into account a lot of things that involve technical, onsite and offsite SEO strategies. While many SEO marketing companies are familiar with these strategies in theory, the execution is where all the difference lies. Our campaigns are typically exhaustive in nature and this, combined with a team of SEO specialists in New Zealand to oversee the different aspects of your project, means we will always get you the results we say we will.

E-commerce websites are some of our biggest customers. The thing with e-commerce sites is that they’re more sensitive than your regular website since they largely rely on the online crowd for their revenue. Which means organic traffic takes even higher precedence; and not just any traffic – we mean high-quality traffic with the biggest potential or likelihood of converting.

For this reason, an e-commerce SEO campaign is not something you entrust with just about any SEO company. You need an SEO agency that can actually demonstrate their success in this space. At First Page digital marketing New Zealand, we have worked with over 500 local and international companies to deliver high-converting campaigns and can do the same for you too.

We know what it takes to rank higher than your rivals on search engine results pages so you can enjoy the endless stream of traffic that comes with a good ranking, particularly considering most global e-commerce traffic comes from search engines. In addition to boosting your ranking and click-through-rates, we can also optimise your e-commerce store to ensure the thousands of visitors who will be coming to your site translate to a sale.

When evaluating SEO companies, there are a few must-ask questions to keep in mind. First, you want to understand what tools and techniques the SEO company uses in their day-to-day work. Second, past performance is a must and it should especially raise a red flag if you find an agency that claims to have been in existence for years doesn’t have long-term clients it serves.

You need to be confident the SEO consultant is au courant with Google Webmaster Guidelines and that they stay up to date on the latest search engine algorithm updates. However, you yourself will need to be privy to these as this is where most New Zealand SEO agencies will seize the opportunity to spout industry jargon meant to impress but in truth, is most likely fluff.

Cost alone should not swing your decision when it comes to choosing an SEO agency to work with. What you pay for is what you get, so cheap is never good. Some SEO agencies employ underhand techniques in a bid to game search algorithms but it’s only a matter of time until this catches up with you, the consequence of which will see Google deindex your website. You don’t want that.

Before signing up with a New Zealand SEO company, ask them for a detailed explanation of the techniques they will be using (in plain language) and why they believe those strategies will get you there. You also want an agency that is transparent about how they utilise your budget, so if they can provide regular reporting on where your funds are going, that’s always a good thing.

The work of an SEO company revolves around digital marketing practices aimed at improving a website’s ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) in order for the website being ranked to take advantage of the massive traffic potential that comes with a favourable listing.

When ranking websites, the ideal scenario is for the websites to appear first on the search engine results page, and this is made possible using a cornucopia of search engine marketing techniques that revolve around three main pillars: onsite SEO, offsite SEO and technical SEO.

The whole point of engaging in search engine optimisation for brands is to generate quality leads and with it, increased sales.

However, it is not a given that your search engine optimisation will yield the results you seek. The deciding factor ultimately lies with the SEO agency for it is their expertise, tools and strategies that determine the results of any given SEO campaign.

It’s important to bear in mind that getting traffic to your website alone is not enough. You need effective strategies that factor in everything from website and page load speeds, ease of navigation, user search intent and compelling calls-to-action. High-converting keywords are a must, and persuasive product descriptions increase conversion rate – among several other aspects that need addressing.

DIY SEO involves a set of basic search engine optimisation practices that anyone can do with a bit of practice. For example, keyword research, competitor analysis and consistent blogging is something you can do after learning the ropes, although creating high quality content is best left to quality writers as either you got it or you don’t. Internal linking and use of title tags are other simple techniques you can do yourself.

Of course, the results cannot match the work of a certified SEO specialist like the type you get to work with when you partner with us. Plus, if you’re serious about your business growth, you probably are aware that your competition is putting its best foot forward to lure the more than 85% of customers who do an online search before making a purchase.

Results from an SEO campaign take time to reflect, which is why even a game-changing campaign can take time to land you on the first page of search results.

However, there are other ways you can use to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign. One of the easiest ways is to use one of the many SEO analytical tools available, with the most common being Google Analytics. This can help you to know how much traffic is coming in from search and whether there is an improvement, and it can also reveal conversion and bounce rate. You can also use the Google Search Console to confirm the number of impressions your website generates.

By working with an expert SEO consultant from a digital marketing agency like ours, you gain access not just to the expertise, but also many industry-specific tools not available at your disposal to keep tabs on your campaign performance at any given moment.

Large enterprises with a dedicated marketing department may consider assigning SEO projects to their in-house team. However, while these employees may be proficient in marketing, SEO is a field in its own right and outsourcing the SEO work to a good, affordable SEO services firm is more likely to yield the results you seek.

Smaller enterprises, on the other hand, may be ill-equipped to work on a high-performance SEO campaign which takes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, outsourcing the work to an SEO agency may make more sense.

Well, most SEO companies in New Zealand will tell you there is nothing like traffic guarantee. Other SEO companies will promise to get you on page one but not divulge the means they got you to rank there, which might involve underhand tactics that could get your company website penalised by a search engine. That risk is not worth anything – cost savings, fast results or whatever else that might lure you to them.

In the case of First Page, we actually offer our clients a search engine traffic guarantee as a sign that we’re confident in our expertise and ability to deliver. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

And it’s not like we embark on the project in a blind-fold. We work closely with you to understand your objectives which we commit to delivering over the course of the campaign.

Additionally, we’re a transparent search engine optimisation agency as a matter of policy, so we always keep you updated on what exactly we’re doing and how your budget is being put to use. Our search engine traffic guarantee is tailored specifically to your brand and the number of visitors you need flowing to your website. With our proceeds on the line, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything to achieve exceptional results. It’s every brand’s wish to find an SEO agency that can guarantee them campaign results.