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Your landing page is the “Open Sesame” code to the treasure trove of leads ripe for conversion

Landing Page - Digital Marketing Agency

Lead conversion is an obsession for every business. But the puzzle that business owners and marketers struggle with is how to generate more results without sinking funds into a bottomless pit. Because digital marketing in New Zealand can very well turn out to be one. What you need is to create a landing page and optimise it for conversion.

Few channels have the potential of a professionally-designed website landing page as far as capturing new customers goes. In fact, a high-converting landing page has the potential to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your sales.

Without a well-designed landing page, your clickable ads would generate underwhelming results. You probably know how it feels – to dedicate so much on lead generation campaigns, only for prospects to leave as soon as they land on your website.

With effective landing page design, this can be a thing of the past. At First Page, designing landing pages is one of our specialties. Whether you’re running a PPC campaign or social media campaign, we can create landing pages for your business that delivers insane ROI.

Our unbeatable results can be traced to our comprehensive approach that factors in everything – from copy, to calls-to-action, to button colours – before subjecting the designs to rigorous A/B testing.

The result? A landing page design that gets you mammoth WINS.

Your landing page has a direct effect on the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Before we tell you why we’re the best digital marketing agency in NZ to entrust with your landing page needs, it’s important to make sure we’re singing from the same hymn sheet by first understanding what is a landing page.

In digital marketing, a landing page is basically a standalone page developed purposely for an advertising or marketing campaign. It is the page where the magic happens. The conversion rate on this page is what determines how much ROI your online marketing campaigns generate. Which is why landing page design is a big deal.

An ecommerce landing page or website landing page is effective because it serves as a welcome to visitors who clicked on your ad, ushering them to the next step. Many online ads fail because they promote a certain product, only to end up dumping the potential customers on some generic product page.

At First Page, not only do we create landing page designs tailored to your brand, but our landing pages revolve around the particular product or service you’re promoting. And not just the visual design. We make sure that the transition from ad to website to purchase is seamless, the idea being to reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment. Our landing page design doesn’t leave potential customers second-guessing their decision as it asks them for just one thing: to buy.

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It’s time to turn your visitors into customers. Say Goodbye to boring landing page design

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Every dollar spent on lead generation that fails to convert is a dollar lost. No two ways about it.

At First Page, we take your landing page conversion seriously. That’s because we derive satisfaction in seeing every website landing page achieve the intended goals, and we don’t rest until we have delivered.

One way we achieve the best landing page returns is through rigorous testing. This involves running through countless designs until we finally work out which landing page design holds the most promise.

You’ll find many digital agencies in New Zealand offering website landing page design, but given the success of your entire digital marketing campaign hinges on how effective your landing page is, this is not one of those tasks you want to entrust with just about anybody. At First Page, we have certified experts who boast a wealth of experience in landing page design. We know what works and what is a waste of time, effort and ad budget.

If you desire a website landing page that guarantees great ROI, you need to work with the best in the business. Our flexible solutions can accommodate different budgets, but regardless of the scale of your campaign, expect a landing page that maximises conversion.

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What is a landing page? As NZ digital marketers, it’s a question we get a lot. A landing page is a special web page created as part of an online marketing campaign. Also known as a lead page or squeeze page, an ecommerce or website landing page is created for the purpose of guiding website visitors to a single goal.

If you want to convert your visitors to paying customers, a landing page provides a seamless route from your online ad to the website. One of the reasons a website or ecommerce landing page may perform poorly is because there are bottlenecks within this transition. For example, if your ad promises the prospect something specific but then redirects them to a generic page, there is going to be a lot of bounce rate, or loss of many potential customers in other words.

A good landing page design is one tailored to the leads you’re targeting. It addresses their needs and guides them to convert. With more than a decade’s experience creating landing page designs that deliver outstanding ROI, working with the experts at First Page can give you the surety that your ecommerce or website landing page will convert.

There is just too much riding on the performance of your landing page to gamble with its expected results. You need surety, and that’s what you get when we create landing page for your business.

If you want to increase sales and grow your business, a website or ecommerce landing page is a necessity. Why? You see, most pages on your website or online store have their own objectives. These pages may contain a lot of links and/or CTAs (calls-to-action) for customers to click on, but they’re not specifically built to maximise conversion like a landing page does. A leaner page without much fluff, a landing page is designed to get the leads who click on your ad to convert into paying customers.

Your ecommerce or website landing page is your best stab at convincing people to sign up or make a purchase. As such, it needs to be streamlined and very targeted, with the landing page design geared entirely towards boosting the conversion rate of your ad campaigns.

A good landing page is appealing in design and the message it carries is clear; it doesn’t leave any room for guessing. When it comes to landing page design, it’s important to follow design best practices to max out the chances of people converting. That means getting straight to the point, making use of high-resolution images and using features that draw people to your advertisement. It’s important to remember that your visitors are only there as long as they can benefit.

First Page can help you create landing pages that both gets your visitors’ foot in the door and significantly increases the conversion rate. We can create a landing page that your customers actually want to see and interact with, thereby enhancing your entire campaign’s ROI potential.

A home page is the main door through which leads and customers can start exploring your offerings. A landing page, for its part, is the page where prospects “land” when they click on your online advertisement. Unlike a home page which is a generic overview of your business, a website or ecommerce landing page contains targeted messaging that appeals to the desired prospects. In short, a landing page is designed largely with sales in mind.

Landing page design also requires more expertise compared to designing the home page. And that’s because not only is it intended for a more specific role, but that role also so happens to be the most important of them all and the reason you have the website in the first place: to convert leads into paying customers.

If you’re struggling to create a landing page that gives you the results you desire, our New Zealand digital marketing experts can design a high-converting landing page that offers a tailored experience for your site visitors.

An ecommerce landing page is a landing page created as part of an ecommerce online marketing campaign. The objective is to steer prospects further along the sales funnel and get them buying.

When creating an ecommerce landing page, the design needs to reflect an ecommerce campaign. Keep in mind that this is different from a product page, so if your ad is promoting a certain product, the landing page should show the specific item(s) promised in the ad. Of course, visitors need to have that flexibility to navigate within the page or store, but it is landing page design best practice not to veer off from the main message which in this case, is to put more emphasis on one thing: the SALE.

Conversion is even more vital in the case of an ecommerce landing page since you rely on web traffic – that includes paid traffic – to make a sale. Which is why it would be in your best interests to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency like First Page that has a track record of designing high-converting landing pages for ecommerce stores.

Testing is an important aspect of landing page design as it ensures you end up with the most effective version in terms of conversion rate. Testing is what allows you to determine the potential of a landing page to convert, so the better the design you end up with, the more sales you can expect it to drive for you.

Testing a landing page is an experimental process that involves determining which aspects of the website landing page perform better in terms of driving conversion. It is key in every online marketing campaign because a landing page test is an opportunity to increase your ad’s conversion rate, which is the whole point of running the ad campaign in the first place: to convert as many prospects as possible.

As an added bonus, increasing your conversion rate means your business gets to make more money without spending, a dream for every marketer and business owner.

At First Page, our rigorous AB tests are conducted by experts who know what specifics to focus on. It is what allows us to maximise landing page ROI for our clients. With us handling your ecommerce or website landing page design, it won’t take long for your business to start reaping the returns.