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Experience the power of a website landing page that seriously converts.

First impressions aren’t just important, they can be everything. At First Page, we understand the power of a website landing page that does more than just greet your visitors, one that captivates them, compelling them to act. Our landing page services are designed to transform your online presence into a dynamic gateway that seriously converts.

A landing page is more than just another page on your website. It’s a focused, strategic tool to achieve a specific goal, whether that’s to sell products, collect leads, or drive another desired action. With an understanding of what a high converting landing page involves, our team combines compelling content, stunning design, and intuitive user experience to create landing pages that convert. Whether you’re looking to build a landing page for a new product launch, an ecommerce landing page to boost sales, or any other targeted campaign, this landing page design agency has the expertise to deliver results. At First Page, we utilise the latest landing page builders and technologies, making sure that your page not only looks fantastic but performs brilliantly.

Our approach is collaborative and data-driven, involving continuous testing and optimization to ensure the highest performance. As a leading landing page agency, we pride ourselves on creating landing pages that resonate with your audience and align with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging. With First Page, you’re getting a conversion engine tailored to your specific business needs. Experience the difference that a professionally crafted landing page can make. Let First Page be your guide in the journey to a more effective and engaging online presence. With our landing page services, prepare to watch your conversion rates soar and your business thrive. It’s the future of landing pages, where every click brings you closer to success.

Don't underestimate the power of your landing Page - it's the key to marketing success!

Your landing page is like a superhero cape for your digital marketing campaign! It’s the page that swoops in to save the day, converting leads into loyal customers.

But let’s be real, designing a landing page that converts can be tough. That’s where we come in. We’re the Avengers of digital marketing in NZ, and we’re here to create landing pages that are out of this world!

If you needed reminding, a landing page is basically a standalone page developed purposely for an advertising or marketing campaign. It is the page where the magic happens. The conversion rate on this page is what determines how much ROI your online marketing campaigns generate. Which is why landing page design is a big deal.

An eCommerce landing page or website landing page is effective because it serves as a welcome to visitors who clicked on your ad and shows them to the next step. Many online ads fail because they promote a certain product, only to end up dumping the potential customers on some generic product page.

At First Page, we believe that a well-designed landing page is the key to turning leads into sales. That’s why we don’t just create run-of-the-mill landing pages. We craft experiences that are tailored to your brand and optimised for conversions. Our landing pages don’t just look great, they make the transition from ad to purchase seamless and frictionless, like wearing activewear on an oiled-up waterslide.


Landing page services tailored to your business.

In the digital marketplace, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why at First Page, we offer landing page services that are tailored to fit your unique business needs and goals. With First Page, dive into personalised digital experiences with landing pages crafted just for you.

Understanding your brand and the objectives of your campaign is our starting point. From there, we set out to create a landing page that speaks directly to your audience, encouraging engagement and action. Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce landing page to skyrocket your sales or a campaign-specific page to generate leads, we’re a landing page design agency ready to deliver with precision. Our landing page creators aren’t just designers. They’re digital architects who build every page with the user journey in mind. With the latest landing page builders and techniques, we make sure that each element, from imagery to call-to-action, is optimised for the highest conversions. That means our landing page designs are engineered to perform.

With ongoing testing and optimization, our landing page services are a dynamic solution. We understand that markets, audiences, and trends change, and so should your landing page. As a dedicated landing page agency, we’re committed to ensuring your page remains effective, engaging, and ahead of the curve. Choose First Page as your landing page company, and experience the mix of creativity, technology, and tailored strategy. Let’s create landing pages that reflect your brand’s identity, drive results and grow your business. Step into the future of personalised digital marketing with landing page services designed just for you.

First page are the experts in landing page marketing that New Zealand businesses trust.

First Page stands out for innovation and expertise in landing page marketing. We are the trusted partners for businesses looking to make a real impact online, transforming clicks into customers with expertly crafted landing pages. Join the growing number of New Zealand businesses that have seen their visions turned into reality with our tailored landing page solutions.

Our understanding of the unique digital landscape in New Zealand allows us to create landing pages that resonate with local audiences while achieving global standards. Whether it’s an ecommerce landing page designed to boost your online sales or a campaign-specific page aimed at generating leads, our team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project. At First Page, we believe in the power of a great first impression. That’s why we’re a landing page design agency committed to creating pages that not only look beautiful but that are also optimised for conversion. Using the latest landing page builders, we make sure that every element, from the headline to the call-to-action, is aligned with your business goals and speaks directly to your audience.

Our approach to landing page marketing is dynamic. We breathe life into them, making sure they are engaging, responsive, and continuously optimised based on real-world performance data. As a leading landing page company, we pride ourselves on delivering results that matter, helping New Zealand businesses grow and thrive in the digital age. Choose First Page as your landing page creators and join a growing list of satisfied clients who have seen their online presence transformed. With our expertise, creativity, and commitment to your success, we’re the landing page agency New Zealand businesses trust. Let us show you what your business is capable of with a landing page that converts, engages, and performs. Your journey to the top starts on the First Page.

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Landing Pages New Zealand


A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web. Unlike regular web pages, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing page marketing is designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (CTA). This focus makes a landing page design the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

When you create landing page designs, they usually reflect this singular focus, presenting a streamlined path for the visitor. Landing pages that convert are optimised for this goal with persuasive elements like compelling headlines, engaging visuals, concise and persuasive content, and an easy-to-find CTA. They can vary from promoting a specific product, offering a special discount, downloading a free guide, registering for a webinar, or encouraging sign-ups. In ecommerce, landing page marketing is often used to direct customers to a product or offer that is featured in an advertising campaign, thereby enhancing the user’s shopping experience and boosting the chances of conversion.

Determining whether you need landing page marketing depends largely on your specific business goals and online marketing strategies. If you’re looking to optimise your advertising or marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates, then a high converting landing page is an essential tool. Landing page marketing is particularly beneficial when you want to direct potential customers to a focused, purpose-driven page that persuades them to take action, be it making a purchase, signing up for information, or another specific goal.

A high converting landing page is designed to receive traffic from targeted marketing campaigns, such as pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, or social media ads. If you’re investing in any of these marketing strategies, creating a website landing page can significantly enhance your return on investment by providing a direct path for conversion. For businesses with ecommerce, an ecommerce website landing page can be instrumental in promoting specific products or offers and simplifying the customer’s purchase journey.

Moreover, with the assistance of a website landing page design agency or landing page builders, you can create effective landing pages that convert without needing extensive technical knowledge. These services help you build landing pages that are tailored to your brand and campaign goals, ensuring a seamless user experience that drives results.

A good ecommerce landing page is one that effectively converts visitors into leads or customers. To achieve this, several key elements are critical in ecommerce landing page design. Firstly, it must have a clear and compelling headline that captures the visitor’s attention and clearly indicates the value proposition. This is complemented by a persuasive subheadline that further explains the offer or benefit.

The core of a high converting landing page design is its focused content and call-to-action (CTA). The content should be concise and to the point, highlighting the benefits of the offer with enough information to persuade visitors to act. The CTA should be prominent and clear, telling visitors exactly what they need to do next, whether it’s to sign up, buy now, or learn more.

Visual elements are also vital; an intuitive, visually appealing design can make a significant difference. This includes high-quality images or videos that relate to the message and are emotionally engaging. User testimonials or trust symbols can also be powerful in building credibility. Furthermore, the landing page design should be optimised for loading speed and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors. Landing page builders and landing page design agencies specialise in creating these optimised, compelling pages.

No, a landing page and a home page are not the same, and they serve different purposes in the context of a website and online marketing. A home page is the main page of a website and acts as a central hub, providing a comprehensive overview of what the website and the business are about. It often contains links to all other sections of the site and offers a broad perspective of the company’s services, products, values, and content. The home page is designed to encourage exploration and is typically the first page visitors see when they enter your website’s domain name.

In contrast, when you build landing page designs, they are a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link from an email, an ad, or another digital location. Landing pages that convert are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (CTA), such as signing up for a newsletter, registering for an event, or making a purchase. Unlike the home page, a landing page is highly targeted in its messaging and purpose, aiming to convert visitors into leads or customers without the distractions of a typical website navigation.

An ecommerce landing page is a specific type of landing page designed for online retail or commercial transactions. Its primary purpose is to convert visitors into customers by encouraging them to make a purchase directly on the page. An ecommerce landing page that converts is usually created as part of targeted marketing campaigns to promote specific products, special offers, or sales events, and are designed to provide all the necessary information and incentives a potential customer might need to make a buying decision.

Key characteristics of an ecommerce landing page include a clear and compelling headline that captures attention, high-quality images or videos of the products, detailed descriptions, benefits, and possibly customer reviews to build trust and credibility. A strong, clear call-to-action (CTA) such as “Buy Now,” “Add to Cart,” or “Shop Sale” is also essential, guiding visitors precisely on what to do next to complete the purchase.

In addition, effective ecommerce landing pages like those made by a landing page company are often streamlined and free of distractions, focusing the visitor’s attention solely on the product and purchase. They might also incorporate elements of urgency or scarcity, like limited-time offers or low stock warnings, to encourage immediate action.

Testing a landing page is crucial to understand how effectively it converts visitors into leads or customers and to optimise it for better performance. One of the most common methods is A/B testing, also known as split testing, where two versions of a landing page (A and B) are compared against each other. Each version is shown to a different segment of visitors at the same time, and the one that achieves a higher conversion rate is considered more effective. The variations might include changes in the headline, copy, images, layout, or call-to-action.

Another method is multivariate testing, where multiple variables are tested simultaneously to see how they interact and affect conversion rates. This method is more complex than A/B testing and is usually used when you want to explore how several elements work together.

Heatmaps and click tracking are also valuable tools in landing page testing. They provide visual data about where visitors are clicking, moving, and scrolling on your page, helping you understand user behaviour and make necessary adjustments.

It’s important to only test one element at a time in A/B testing to pinpoint exactly what influences changes in performance.