What is programmatic advertising? Let us show you how you can elevate your return on investment with a powerful digital strategy

Before we tell you how programmatic advertising can transform your digital marketing in New Zealand, let’s first make sure you understand what is programmatic advertising and why you need to be budgeting for it.

Think of it as an advertising technology that seeks to automate and optimise digital advertising campaigns, instead of buying directly from publishers. Programmatic digital advertising removes human negotiation from the ad-buying process and replaces it with machine learning and artificial intelligence, resulting in a far more efficient and transparent process for both advertiser and publisher.

Programmatic ads run on multiple digital channels, including programmatic display advertising, mobile advertising, social, as well as programmatic video advertising. However, it is evolving into digital out-of-home channels like TV, radio and digital screens on billboards, shopping malls and bus stations.

As a business looking to advertise online, programmatic ads are super convenient since you no longer need to spend hours negotiating with publications on your own. Compared to conventional methods, it’s also much faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Now that you have an idea of what is programmatic advertising in New Zealand, you should consider it too, if your business hasn’t already. Look, you don’t need to run your programmatic online advertising campaigns by yourself. This is a service you can outsource to a reputable NZ programmatic advertising agency like First Page.

We blend real-time optimisation with a human touch really well. It’s why we’re champions in ultra-efficient targeting

Now that you have an idea of what is programmatic advertising, it’s also worth pointing out that just because it is an automated process doesn’t mean you should leave your entire strategy to an algorithm.

Programmatic digital advertising is a huge time-saver, but the strategic aspects of your marketing campaign are best handled by humans.

At First Page, we run some of the best programmatic advertising campaigns in New Zealand because we don’t just start your campaign and hope for the best. We have a team of local NZ digital marketing experts who are constantly monitoring your campaign’s progress around the clock and running A/B tests to fine-tune your strategy. This is why the ROI on our campaigns is hard to beat.

Programmatic ads make it possible to be precise with your customer targeting, but a data-driven campaign can ensure you improve your metrics across the board.

Whether it’s through programmatic video advertising, mobile, social or programmatic display advertising, First Page can plan and execute a campaign that targets customers with the highest chance of converting. With us running your campaign, expect a major boost in sales.

First Page can help you leverage programmatic online advertising to outshine your competitors in terms of reach and conversion

As programmatic advertising increasingly phases out its traditional counterpart, brands now have an advertising tool that allows them to reach their target customers faster, more efficiently and cheaper than at any other point.

While programmatic display advertising, social, mobile and programmatic video advertising are far from perfect in terms of ensuring the ad supply chain is fully transparent to marketers, their degree of transparency outranks traditional methods by a country mile.

Brands can now gain useful insights such as where and when their advertising is placed, as well as access to detailed analytics that shed light on the customers their campaigns reach. With programmatic marketing, it’s also possible to monitor the success of your strategy in real-time, allowing you to tweak it and shift focus to what’s working.

We have revealed what is programmatic advertising in New Zealand, but what we haven’t mentioned is that this is not just any other form of digital advertising: it is more superior. Programmatic advertising is an automated advertising beast that if used right, can boost your conversion at a rate that leaves your competition in the dust.

Stop wasting money on poor quality leads and grow your business with next-level programmatic digital advertising

It would be remiss to detail what is programmatic advertising and fail to mention the small matter of ad exchanges.

An ad exchange is basically a digital marketplace where buying and selling of advertising inventory is carried out. It’s like a trading floor where ad bidding is done through auctions decided in a flash, thanks to a technology known as real-time bidding (RTB).

There are different ad exchanges out there, with Google Display & Video 360 (GDV360) being the most popular platform. With approximately 90 billion impressions generated each day, DV360 taps into Google’s other products like Google Search, AdWords, Gmail, Google Shopping, YouTube and more to offer consumer data that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Thing is, though, machines can only do so much. At the end of the day, it is the people tasked with running your programmatic marketing campaign that determine how fruitful or ineffective your forays into programmatic digital advertising will be.

When you consider stats approximate the amount of advertising budget that is wasted to be 40%, it underscores the importance of teaming up with the right online programmatic advertising partner; a partner that more than understands what it is programmatic advertising and how best to approach it. At First Page, we “get it”.

Make waves in your industry by leveraging the different programmatic advertising channels

Display advertising remains one of the most common ways of advertising online, and 9 out of every 10 display ads will be programmatic in 2022.

As programmatic display advertising becomes the order of the day, businesses have an accessible ad format that doesn’t only restrict them to banner ads. Display advertising can also activate the headers, footers and sidebars on highly relevant websites.

The beauty of programmatic display advertising is that it makes the process of bidding for this ad space via exchanges like DV360 or the Microsoft Audience Network extremely easy, so businesses at all levels can kick-start their campaigns without much trouble.

But it’s not just about display. Programmatic video advertising is another option available to businesses.

Today, programmatic video advertising accounts for approximately 75% of all video ads on the web, with most of those generated through YouTube’s TrueView system. YouTube ads comes in three types of ad formats…

In-stream video ads run before the start of the YouTube video. In-display ads are the ads that you see in search results or next to YouTube’s sidebar for recommended videos. YouTube programmatic video advertising also offers a mobile-only option known as Outstream video ads which appear on partner websites and apps, playing within the page’s content or within the app.

Programmatic technology is a dynamo, but it still needs a human to connect the wires

There can be no denying that programmatic advertising has transformed the New Zealand digital marketing landscape for the better. And while programmatic marketing has the potential to transform your business fortunes if done right, a high minimum spend can waste your money very fast.

Suffice to say, your brand’s programmatic advertising initiatives will only be as successful as the team in charge of your campaign. Which is why your choice of agency matters.

At First Page, our record speaks for itself. For more than a decade, we have helped countless brands smash their online marketing goals through our ultra-effective programmatic campaigns. We can help you achieve yours too, whether that goal is to use programmatic online advertising to raise brand awareness, increase engagement, boost your customer conversion rate, or drive more sales.

We are a team that realises the importance of understanding your business and your marketplace, as well as understanding how your customers and competitors think. It’s also not lost on us that brands are different and unique in their own ways.

Using this as a starting point and working closely with you throughout the course of your New Zealand programmatic advertising campaign, we will put together a powerful digital strategy that maximises your return on investment.

digital marketing profit

Ready to put your sales into overdrive? Work with experts who clearly understand how to convert those programmatic clicks into sales

digital marketing profit

Programmatic advertising streamlines the process of digital marketing online. However, even experienced professionals who properly understand what is programmatic advertising and the huge potential it holds for businesses find this modern way of advertising a bit difficult to master.

Luckily, First Page has a talented team of New Zealand digital marketers who know the ins-and-outs of programmatic digital advertising and how to run an effective campaign that hits the targets. Highly-skilled and boasting years of experience in this domain, we have led hugely profitable campaigns not just in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and North America, but also for some of the leading brands in the world.

We have a clear grasp of what is programmatic advertising and how to push this AI-driven technology to the limits in order to deliver impressive results for our clients, no matter the size of your business or the objectives you intend to accomplish.

As a leader in programmatic advertising in NZ, you can bank on us to develop a campaign for your brand that attracts and converts your perfect kind of customer, no matter where your audience hangs out online.

If you yearn to transform your digital marketing and make it work for you, let us show you how programmatic ads can supercharge your brand’s marketing performance and elevate your business to the next level.

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Programmatic Advertising New Zealand


As professional New Zealand digital marketers, this is a question we get asked a lot by clients – what is programmatic advertising

You see, long before programmatic technology came along, online advertising involved some bit of work. Companies would spend hours sending what’s known as requests for proposals (RFPs), negotiating with publishers and filling out insertion orders.

What programmatic online advertising did was automate all these manual processes by taking the human factor out of the equation and replacing it with computers that automated the process of buying and selling ads online.

By using machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline the advertising process from top to bottom, programmatic media buying has made it possible for businesses to advertise online faster, more cost-effectively and accurately than traditional processes allowed.

There is more than one reason programmatic advertising has grown into the most popular avenue for brands purchasing ad space online.

For starters, it has automated what was a time-consuming process that involved plenty of human-to-human negotiations, paper agreements and unnecessary discussions. As a result, this streamlined process now means companies can capitalise on their target audience at a moment’s notice, which is another advantage that was not available before.

As well, since programmatic digital advertising relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence, you’re able to reach a more targeted audience, which reduces wastage of your ad dollars while increasing conversion. What’s more, programmatic media buying is a more transparent process compared to traditional media in terms of measuring campaign success and reporting. Clearly, there is little not to love.

In addition to knowing what is programmatic advertising, what else most people want to know is whether programmatic marketing is more effective compared to the traditional way of doing things. And how effective it is exactly. The surprise is usually when they hear traditional advertising methods have a wider reach compared to programmatic. Thing is, though, more is not merrier when it comes to digital advertising in New Zealand. If anything, it can be the exact opposite.

By contrast, programmatic advertising is more targeted, which means it’s more efficient in terms of reaching the ideal audience that matters most to your brand. This is why programmatic campaigns are able to generate better returns on digital ad spend. Programmatic ads can be tailored to target particular geographical locations as well as demographics like age, gender and estimated income.

Even when online advertising was a largely manual process, it did work, although the process was not without its fair share of pitfalls.

Notably, it was very slow and tedious. That, and the fact that your ads could be viewed by all and sundry meant the conversion rate for this method was low, which made it more expensive at the end of the day. As well, unlike programmatic media buying, brands could not take advantage of the split-second serving of advertisements to targeted users, so they could not capitalise when the market was ripe.

It is these drawbacks that programmatic online advertising has managed to do away with through AI and machine learning. Thus, companies are able to advertise faster, more accurately and for far much cheaper, resulting in higher conversions and better ROI, in the process sounding the death knell for traditional marketing methods.

When you take some time to brush up on what is programmatic advertising, you’re likely to happen across the phrase “real-time bidding”, abbreviated as RTB. RTB is basically a form of programmatic media buying that involves buying and selling of online ads in real-time on a per-impression basis. The process typically occurs in less than a second, hence the name.

Real-time bidding is one of the main ways through which companies purchase programmatic ads, but it’s not the only method. If you prefer securing your ad space from publishers ahead of time, you can buy the ad space in advance through another process known as “programmatic guaranteed”.

Programmatic advertising occurs in a marketplace that works like an automatic auction. It is here that the stakeholders involved in the ad buying and selling process congregate – the demand-side or advertisers looking to buy ad space (that is, brands like yourself) and the supply side (aka publishers whom you’re looking to purchase ad space from). The ad exchange facilitates these transactions through real-time auctions.

When you have a better grasp of what is programmatic advertising and proceed to dig deeper, you’ll find that ad exchanges can either be public or private marketplaces. An example of an open marketplace (public) is Google Display & Video 360 (GDV360). In closed marketplaces (private) publishers maintain control over who can purchase ads and what conditions are in place.

There are three players involved in the ad buying and selling process in programmatic digital advertising – the supply-side platform, the ad exchange and the demand-side platform.

A supply-side platform (SSP) is the software through which publishers and digital media owners can take charge of their advertising inventory. Through an SSP, publishers are able to gain access into multiple ad exchanges and demand-side platforms, exposing them to a greater number of buyers while allowing them to sell their ad space efficiently.

Through SSPs, publishers are able to attract higher bids on their ad space, which ultimately translates into more profit potential from their websites or apps.

A demand-side platform – which you’ll find abbreviated as DSP in programmatic advertising subjects – is the software that makes it possible for advertisers to bid for inventory and complete the media buying process. As with an SSP, a DSP opens buyers to a wide range of different networks, so as a company looking to buy ad space, you won’t have to waste hours reaching out to individual publishers to purchase their ad space.

Whether you’re looking to purchase display, social, mobile or programmatic video advertising, a demand-side platform automates the process for you, making it much more convenient to buy online ad space.

Programmatic Advertising New Zealand

Benefits of Programmatic Ads

One of the biggest strongpoints of programmatic advertising is that the buying and selling of ad space occurs within a fraction of a second. When a web user enters a website, the ad space on the page is automatically put up for auction on the SSP. While this is happening, the DSP is placing bids for the advertiser simultaneously depending on a host of factors – for example budget, size and strategy of the creative.

The highest bid is then selected as the winner and that bid’s advertisement is displayed on the web page being browsed by the web user. By the time the user is opening and ready to view the web page, the ad will already be displaying. That’s the power of programmatic digital advertising, but it’s possible to increase your ROI from your ad bids using the right strategy. That’s where an experienced and results-oriented digital marketing agency in New Zealand like First Page comes in.

Programmatic advertising may be an automated process, but creating a campaign that achieves your objectives still requires plenty of human thought. You need to set your objectives and come up with your campaign strategy, as well as decide on the ad format that makes sense for the audience you’re targeting. That aside, you need to make a decision on the demand-side platform you’ll be using.

This human aspect makes a mammoth difference in a campaign, which is why even though you’re going to outsource your programmatic marketing to an agency, the choice of agency will have a huge bearing on the outcome of your campaigns.

Programmatic advertising offers a variety of ad formats to choose from, affording you options that allow you to reach different users consuming different media on the Internet.

Programmatic display advertising remains the most common of them, but businesses can also choose native ads or video ads. Programmatic marketing is also applicable in the case of audio ads that are run on podcasts and streaming services, one of the fastest-growing channels for digital advertising in New Zealand.

Yes, it can. There are no limits to the type of ads you can run through programmatic marketing methods which also support native ads.

Native advertising may not stand out much given it’s designed to look natural on the page upon which it appears, but the upside to this is that it can actually have a better click-through rate compared to the more conspicuous display ads. Reason is because people tend to respond better to a subtler message; a message that isn’t “in your face”.

There are plenty of factors that determine the cost of programmatic ads which can vary significantly. Good thing is, it’s possible to control this cost by altering your campaign’s reach, duration and audience, seeing as most programmatic marketing campaigns use CPM (cost-per-mile or cost per thousand impressions).

A highly-targeted audience tends to generate better CPM, so brands that don’t have the biggest budget in the world need to carefully consider factors like these if they are to deliver a cost-effective campaign.

Programmatic online advertising is no different from any other digital marketing strategy: in order to determine if your budget has been utilised successfully, you need to measure the right metrics.

Fortunately, one of the best things about programmatic ad campaigns – and something that has fast-tracked the adoption of programmatic – is the level of transparency they offer with regard to finding out where your ads have appeared and the relation with your target audience.

You can also establish whether your campaign needs to be fine-tuned by looking at other things like the reach of your ads, the final cost of leads and return on ad spend. When you work with us to run your campaigns, we will furnish you with detailed reports that clearly shed light on how your budget is being utilised and maximised.

With an ever-increasing number of brands – large and small – opting for online advertising over traditional media (and gradually upping their digital ad spend) the benefits that programmatic digital advertising brings such as convenience and cost-effectiveness, for instance, means this method is only set to grow bigger.

That’s particularly so when you consider programmatic tech is improving by the day such that today, it’s even possible to purchase TV and radio ads using the same AI-driven techniques. It’s clearly not lost on anyone that programmatic marketing as a media-buying tool has revolutionised the digital landscape for good.

Programmatic ads can be run on a number of channels, and social media platforms are one of those channels. In fact, social advertising has grown into the most dominant programmatic marketing channel.

Social marketing methods such as Facebook advertising are powerful by themselves, but programmatic digital advertising allows advertisers access to data outside of the platforms, giving you more data to refine your social media ad campaigns.

With more than 80% of businesses now adopting programmatic marketing, chances are your business could find it a valuable form of online advertising. That’s especially when you factor in the array of benefits that programmatic advertising offers businesses of all sizes. Notably, programmatic ads are incomparable when you want to reach a precise target audience at a reasonable cost, and there are few businesses that would overlook an avenue that promises such incentives.

Regardless, it’s never a bad idea to discuss the viability with respect to your business needs. While there’s a likelihood that programmatic online advertising will be a right fit for your company, discussing it with an expert can paint a more vivid picture of what you can expect in terms of costs, conversion and all the other things that matter.

With more and more businesses adopting programmatic advertising into their marketing approach, it literally means everyone is on the same footing.

In the early 2000’s, having a company website gave your brand an edge as business websites had not yet become the norm as they are today; most considered them optional, although it was well known that having one gave you a leg up over the competition. With business websites now becoming a default, the major way to gain an advantage over the competition is to rank higher on Google and other search engines. And for that to happen, you need a New Zealand SEO agency that knows its stuff.

Same case with programmatic digital advertising. As this form of online advertising becomes the norm, having a good agency that has a history of running some of the most effective programmatic ad campaigns out there can give you an edge over the competition.

One word: RESULTS. As a New Zealand digital marketing agency, you can wax lyrical all you want about your ability to deliver, but without a solid track record of generating results for your clients, it’s nothing but hot air.

As B2B programmatic advertising vendors, First Page has delivered thousands of successful campaigns for clients across every sector imaginable. With a team of programmatic marketing specialists running our client campaigns, we guarantee unparalleled commitment to helping New Zealand companies – large and small – grow to a level that initially would have been hard to imagine.

Depends on which agency you’re working with really, especially with regard to strategy – which plays a key role in the success of programmatic online advertising campaigns. At First Page, like with most of our other solutions, our strategy is always tailored to the individual brand.

We will work closely with you to determine the best approach based on your company’s needs. We will take into account the duration of your campaign, the precise audience you’re hoping to tap into, and oversee other crucial aspects like the ideal CPM price to ensure your bids carry the day.