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Utilizing the insane precision of a Facebook ad campaign to level up your ROAS.

In the world of digital marketing, the Facebook ad is a beautiful thing. They allow any business to precisely aim your ad campaign at your target audience, taking into account Facebook users profile information, interests, preferences, hobbies and connections. If you’re not taking advantage of the precision of Facebook ad campaigns, your business is missing out.

We get it though. Creating Facebook ads, perfecting a Facebook page for your business, and being your own Facebook ads manager isn’t a walk in the park. That’s where the expert team at FirstPage comes in. Bringing years of expertise and knowledge to the table, our team knows how to squeeze the most out of a Facebook advertising campaign so that you smash your campaign objective.

Utilising the precision of Facebook ads shouldn’t be daunting, and it doesn’t need to be. Partnering with First Page, your Facebook ads campaign will shoot straight without pulling you away from your business. Running Facebook ads has never been easier, and seeing results has never been so empowering.

Like the sound of 10x ROI? This Facebook ads agency has the proof in the pudding.

Ensuring your ads make the most of their lifetime budget is so important for effective ad campaigns. You don’t want the money you spend on targeted ads in your advertising strategy to be essentially thrown into the wind. That’s the nature of social advertising on any platform.

So, naturally, you’ll be wanting a high ROI. Take a look at our track record and you won’t want to go searching any further for the right agency to get the job done. Our First Page team is comprised of experts in ad placement, ad copy, ad formats, and the wider world of online advertising so that you can start advertising on Facebook with multiple campaigns that bring sky high results.

Facebook offers the tools; First Page offers the smooth operators to put the meta business suite to use. Get in touch with the First Page team today and run ads that bring in results like never before. Open your digital doors wide, there’s a crowd coming!

Tailored Facebook advertising solutions to skyrocket sales.

Ensuring your Facebook feed, Facebook ads and business page align with your online store, website and brand is the most important aspect of an effective Facebook campaign. Every business is different and you don’t want to simply blend in with the others. You want to build brand awareness that stands out, and be running ads that communicate with your unique audience network.

There’s not much out there that can pike the interest of the First Page team quite like crafting tailored solutions. From selecting an ad type, setting an ad format, and writing Facebook ad copy to crafting your Facebook business page, we’ll ensure your experience on the Facebook advertising platform feels right.

That means we create ads and select ad types that align with your business page, and select image ads and write ad copy that communicates in your brand voice. Every business manager at First Page works hard to get to know your business and how it operates so that we recommend the best Facebook ads for you and your business goals.

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Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I like First Page’s responsiveness, professionalism, and access to their trained digital marketing professionals. Angela, our Digital Strategist was professional and focused on helping me accomplish my company's marketing aims. Well done!
Ollie MC
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We can't recommend First Page highly enough! The team are proactive, transparent, knowledgeable and patient - always providing great advice and actionable recommendations. We are seeing tangible results from our SEO campaign and look forward to an ongoing partnership.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We have engaged First Page for their SEO services for many years. Khairul has been very helpful and patient. He answers our queries and makes sure our account is well-managed and ranks the best. Looking forward to a long-term partnership. Highly recommend!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
This is our second time working with First Page! I would highly recommend them for their efficiency and effectiveness. The service they provide is very professional and responsive. We saw great improvements and results. Thank you!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We would like to highlight the professional and dedicated SEO service provided by Carl and Bingming. It’s one thing to fulfil contractual obligations, but they supported us beyond the line of duty which deserves to be commended.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I met with Angela, who came across as very sincere and willing to share honest opinions. She followed up on our requirements very closely, showing me technical details on what can be improved I was convinced by their company's capabilities.

Our Recent Work Crowne Plaza

Rather than relying on, Crowne Plaza searched for alternative strategies to drive hotel bookings. First Page implemented an integrated marketing strategy that delivered these results;

return on their social marketing investment

Other socials ads services offered by First Page.

Bespoke growth plans for your business

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

500 million active daily users is nothing to scoff at. We can create laser-targeted ads that cut through the layers to put your products/services right in front of your ideal audience.



The world’s most important business platform is a great place to hunt for quality B2B leads. LinkedIn has been misused a lot lately, though, so it’s a delicate act that we can help your brand get right.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

If you’re looking to build brand awareness and increase sales, few online channels hold as much power as YouTube.

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Facebook Ads New Zealand


Facebook ads are the paid ads that a business manager can run on the Facebook network. Facebook is a particularly effective platform to post ads on due to it’s huge number of existing customers and how long it’s been around.

The platform has had the time and resources to effectively map out the personalities of all of it’s users, allowing businesses to go creating ads that seriously make the most of ad spend. If you’re looking to create Facebook ads for the first time, allow a Facebook ads manager from First Page to empower you with their quality expertise.

There are a range of businesses looking to start up an ad account and advertise on Facebook. Every one of them can get a piece of the pie. You’d be hard pushed to find a business that wouldn’t benefit from an ad account on the largest social media marketing platform in the world.

The varying ad formats the platform offers means there’s a particular ad for everyone. The other good news is that Facebook ads cost about as much as you put into them, and as much as you expect from them, so they’re also able to meet different levels of ad budget.

There is one downside… the competition you’ll be facing. Before you rush off to create a new ad account, chat to one of our campaign managers about how you can stand out amongst the crowd and get it right from the get go!

There’s a huge range of different types of ads available for businesses to utilise on Facebook. There’s carousel ads, which are displayed as a series of images that audiences can click through. There’s messenger ads that show up in the built in chat of Facebook. There’s slideshow ads, automated ads, collection ads, and Facebook video ads.

Perhaps you’d like to go with a standard image ad? The list goes on and can be daunting. Knowing which formats to put in your ad set can be just as overwhelming. Speak to the experts in Facebook ad specs and we’ll ensure you advertise on Facebook in the formats right for you!

There’s a lot of options out there to choose from when selecting a platform to run your marketing on. From Facebook ads to Google ads, deciding where to place native ads can be daunting. Each platform has different advertising formats and different ways of going about ad delivery and ad scheduling.

So, you might be wondering, should I advertise on Facebook or elsewhere? At FirstPage, we always believe in and recommend a multifaceted approach for your ad spend and daily budget. Paid social ads should be spread across numerous social media networks. You could even use an existing post from your Facebook page when you advertise on Google, so it doesn’t require reinventing the wheel.

The FirstPage team can streamline your wider social media advertising, helping you navigate what each of the platforms have to offer.

It’s so important to be across the performance of your entire Facebook ad campaign. Constantly, businesses should be asking the question… ‘are these getting us closer to achieving the campaign objective?’

That’s made easy at First Page because we have SENTR, our project management and client collaboration tool. It allows you and us to track data such as page likes, follower numbers, website traffic referrals and market feedback, so that the businesses we work with can generate automated reports and track the progress of digital campaigns in real time.

With these insights into digital marketing performance, businesses can tweak strategies to be highly effective, ensuring they deliver desired outcomes and drive impressive results.

Yes! You do. If you want to get ad creative and start running catalog sales on the platform, you’ll need a page for your business. You can create a page for your business or organization if you don’t already have one.

Once you have a page, you can use it to create an ad in a variety of formats, such as image ads, video ads, and more. You can also use your page to connect with your customers and reach new audiences through targeted advertising. When creating Facebook ads, you will need to follow Facebook’s ad specs and set a daily budget for your campaign.