Boost your sales by remarketing your offerings to previous website visitors

Google display Ads are one of the most robust and visual advertising platforms there is; with powerful remarketing options to boot.

With display ads on Google, it’s easy to convey your brand’s story and design a customer journey that is optimised for leads and conversions.

The compelling and unique visual components that come with this form of online advertising is something you’ll find particularly useful when you want to showcase your business to potential customers and win over random Internet users the world over.

Versatile and effective, Google display Ads are a perfect choice for advertising on multiple platforms, including mobile apps, specific types of websites, YouTube, Gmail, or even online games. They also tend to be very targeted.

Consider this:

  • Since your ads are served on the Google Display Network, your Google Display Ads have the potential to reach 90% of Internet users
  • If your customers include people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, you’ll be happy to know Google display Ads are most effective for people in the 25-44 age bracket

Whether you’re a B2B enterprise, B2C business, e-commerce store, SME or multi-national, Google Display Ads in New Zealand will prove a savvy investment.

  • Your Google Display Ads will be able to reach 90% of global internet users
  • 84% of marketers use display ads
  • Google Display ads are most effective in the 25-44 age group
  • You can cross-target, allowing you to create a more effective funnel and reach more potential buyers

All of this makes it undeniable – Google Display Ads are a worthwhile investment for Ecommerce businesses, client-based businesses, and everything in between.

Time to leverage the Google Display Network, the largest of its kind in the world

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a collection of websites numbering over two million which, collectively, reach over 90% of Internet users. Soak that in for five…

What this essentially means is that the audience is already there; what remains is to get word out about your brand. To effectively do that, you need a Google display ads agency that knows exactly how to do that.

At First Page, we have been running Google display Ads for well over a decade and the return on ad spend (ROAS) that we offer our clients is unparalleled. We know what works and what doesn’t. Working with our team of display Ads Google specialists, we can guarantee you amazing results and deliver them in record time and within your budget.

It’s not simply about running ads on GDN, you see. This is a form of advertising with its own share of pitfalls which can easily run your budget dry and leave you with ZERO results to show for your efforts. This is why you want an agency familiar with the nuts and bolts of Google display Ads.

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Online advertising is the new frontier of marketing, and Google Ads are at the front and centre. However, they can also be an expensive venture, truth be told, which is why you need an agency that clearly knows its stuff. At First Page, we can drive results better than anyone else.

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Google Display Ads New Zealand

What is Google Display?

Google Display is one of several types of Google Ad formats that relies on visual ads and is used to advertise on different platforms, including blogs, regular websites, YouTube, Gmail and more. One of the things that makes Google Display Ads so powerful is their incredible reach: ads can be shown to an audience scattered across more than 2 million websites, applications and videos which together constitute the Google Display Network. Since they’re highly visual ads, display Ads Google are a great choice for any brand looking to promote eye-catching products or services – think clothing, food, travel deals or adventure activity businesses.

Often the case, the differences between search vs display advertising get muddled up, especially by those new to online advertising. But they differ notably in that unlike display ads which appear on millions of locations across the web, search ads are only displayed on search engine results pages. Moreover, only users searching for a specific type of product or service can be able to view search ads – unlike their display counterparts which rely on a slew of targeting parameters to capture attention. Businesses of all sizes will find Google display Ads incredibly useful; ditto for when you’re running a remarketing campaign.

There exists notable differences between Google AdWords and Google Display Ads that could make either option the better choice for your brand at any given time. Google Search ads are more ideal for when you’re targeting customers who’re further along the buyer journey, making them excellent for converting prospects who want to buy now.

Google Display Ads can also convert these types of leads, but short of using square pegs in round holes, display advertising is more suited for generating brand awareness. Reason is because it’s highly visual, so it is more effective when you’re prioritising aesthetics. Since display Ads are more about brand awareness, this ad format is targeted at customers who’re at the top/start of the lead funnel.

The decision on whether to employ search or Google display advertising should be based on, among other factors, the push vs pull intention that sets the two forms of advertising apart. Your long-term goals should also have a say in the matter, and any solid campaign should ideally be looking to identify if intent-driven vs awareness is the way to go.

Every brand that wishes to effectively reach its target audience and increase sales cannot afford to ignore online digital marketing in New Zealand. Problem is, competition can be fierce online, which is why it’s important to come up with an effective strategy to optimise your online campaigns. Google Display Ads are a great strategy to instantly get in front of your ideal audience as they can be targeted to your exact customer base. It’s possible to drive more engagement for your brand by having your ads pop up where your audience hangs out online, and that’s what Google display Ads do for you.

Businesses that rely on visuals such as fashion, travel, food and more will also find display advertising very effective since it relies on vibrant colours and dynamic imagery to communicate its message. What’s more, display Ads make it easy to forecast campaign performance, thereby allowing you to closely monitor your success.

Google Ads ride on two major networks, namely the Google Search Network (GSN) and the Google Display Network (GDN). With the latter comprising a collection of over two million websites with an estimated reach of 90% of Internet users, it means your Google display ads have a great chance of reaching your target consumers that are browsing any of these sites at any given moment, including popular Google search sites like YouTube, Gmail and Google Finance.

Responsive display ads are the default ad format for when you decide to launch a new Google display advertising campaign. You have the option to upload your advertisement file in different sizes, following which the GDN will automatically single out ideal spaces from its collection of websites and publish them on sites that are most frequented by your target customers. Whether it’s news websites or a specific blogger, display Ads Google make it possible to capture attention based on your audience’s interests.

GDN also has a topic targeting feature that allows you to expand your reach further by placing your ads on websites that carry related topics that your target audience also cares about.

The ability to target your ideal demographic is one of the biggest advantages of Google display Ads, and the ad format has a host of targeting options available to you. For instance, through in-market targeting, you can reach customers interested in a specific topic such as fashion, fitness, technology and so on. Placement targeting, on the other hand, makes it possible to identify the websites that your target customers use on a regular.

By leveraging the targeting feature, you can expand your reach fairly quickly and attract new customers in the process. Even better, you can home in on the exact type of customers through optimised targeting. For example, you can maximise your ad budget by excluding certain audience types and categories and only focusing on those with a keen interest in your brand.

When uploading your Google display Ads, the platform offers you two options. The first option affords you full responsibility for the design specifications, which is effective for brands with specific goals. The downside to this upload option is that it limits your reach since your ads won’t be able to display on certain websites that have ad size restrictions. The workaround to this is to produce ads in a number of shapes and sizes, the most common of which include:

  • Leaderboard Ad (728 x 90 pixels)
  • Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100 pixels)
  • Medium Rectangle Ad (300 x 250 pixels)
  • Half-page or Large Skyscraper Ad (300 x 600 pixels)

The alternative is to go with Google’s simplified approach. Known as responsive display ads, this involves sharing with Google details like your business name, logo, visual images and ad copy, upon which it automatically creates multiple versions of the same advertisement for you. These ads are then dispersed on a much broader footprint as they automatically respond to the different requirements of the myriad websites on the GDN, a scale that the standard upload option cannot match.

Before you launch your Google Display Ads in NZ, it’s important to get your ducks in a row. For starters, you need to choose your campaign objective – this objective should be broken down into goals such as website traffic, sales and leads. Once that is established, you need to select the ad format and choose the devices you want your advertisement to show up on.

You also have the option to go with the Google Smart Display Campaign which automates the targeting and bidding for you, although it’s super important to identify your ideal target audience from the very onset. This involves understanding the demographic most interested in your offerings, and factors like gender, age, interest and location allow you to do that.

Something else that will increase your success rate and thus worth getting right is your Google display ad bid strategy. You’ll find a number of options designed for different campaign goals. Finally, once your ad is up and running, you need to set up conversion tracking so you will be able to garner insights on how consumers are interacting with your campaigns.

The cost of Google Display Ads will vary from one campaign to the next since there are multiple factors involved in each campaign. For example, the cost will be dependent on the industry you’re in, customer demographics, as well as keyword selection. This means the budget you’ll need to achieve your goals with each campaign is constantly changing. Thing is, though, Google display Ads are typically cost-effective – if run properly – with the average cost-per-click you can expect coming in at less than $1 (USD).

One of the biggest determining factors of your campaign’s cost will be your selected bid strategy. You can choose to bid based on several strategies. For instance, the cost per impression (CPM or cost per thousand impressions) helps with building brand awareness and growing your reputation. A cost per conversion strategy, for its part, is optimised to achieve a certain amount of sales based on a determined target price.

If not executed properly, display advertising can make you broke real fast. Which is why you should partner with an experienced agency like First Page that can help you hit your goals within budget and deliver reasonable ROI. We offer detailed PPC management services, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

The Google Display Network has an important feature known as impression reporting. The feature makes it possible to track customers who return to your website after viewing your display Ad, even though that return might not happen immediately. Prior to the addition of this feature, measuring the influence that display advertising had on brand awareness was not easy.
Some prospects might take a while to convert, so what impression reporting does is let you know the number of display ads that buyers have encountered previously, even though they didn’t get to click on any at the time. This way, you’re able to better understand how your display ads Google are performing across different online channels. There is even a Multi-Channel Funnels report within Google Analytics that highlights these conversion paths, so armed with this knowledge, you’re able to tell how conversions were achieved, and what steps you can take to enhance your sales funnel.

The Google Display Network has an important feature known as impression reporting. The feature makes it possible to track customers who return to your website after viewing your Display Ad, even though that return might not happen immediately. Prior to the addition of this feature, measuring the influence that display advertising had on brand awareness was not easy.

Some prospects might take a while to convert, so what impression reporting does is let you know the number of display ads that buyers have encountered previously, even though they didn’t get to click on any at the time. This way, you’re able to better understand how your Google Display Ads are performing across different online channels. There is even a Multi-Channel Funnels report within Google Analytics that highlights these conversion paths, so armed with this knowledge, you’re able to tell how conversions were achieved, and what steps you can take to enhance your sales funnel.

How can Google Display Ads Benefit your Business?

Depends. Running a display ad campaign isn’t a cast-iron guarantee that it will deliver the goods. If they’re targeted effectively, however, display ads can deliver superior results, their ubiquitous nature on the web these days notwithstanding. It starts by having a good understanding of your customer base and clear-cut objectives on what you intend to achieve with your campaign. Then, you need to employ innovative techniques like dynamic creative to generate brand stories that speak to your audience, alongside rich media that makes your ads pop. It is only then that display Ads Google can bring exceptional returns.

But display advertising is not all about brand awareness and capturing leads: it can be a great way to re-engage customers who care about your products or services. While they may not make the decision to purchase immediately, remarketing lists can come in handy when you intend to reach out again and convince a customer that you can satisfy their current need. That aside, impression reporting can help brands understand how their budget is able to generate other benefits outside of their click-through rate.
For you to reap the sweet fruits of effective display advertising, however, you need to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency that has a solid track record of delivering results. You’ll find fewer better in the hemisphere than First Page.

Google Display Ads are effective for virtually any business with a web presence, and e-commerce businesses are not exempt. If anything, ecommerce stores are the businesses that stand to gain the most by adopting display advertising into their marketing. Reason being not only are they naturally looking for shoppers browsing products online, but also because this is a highly visual ad format that allows online stores to showcase the best aspects of their products which can help nudge prospects onwards along the sales funnel.

Additionally, ecommerce ventures will find Google display Ads worthwhile as they can be targeted at in-market audiences. This basically means they’re very effective at attracting customers who’re actively on the market for a particular product or service. The algorithm that this ad format rides on can evaluate the actions of specific users (for example, previous ads clicked) therefore can identify users with the highest probability of giving serious thought to the message you’re trying to put across. For an ecommerce business, that is golden.

Everyone wants to the best possible CTR (click-through rate) when setting up their Google display Ads campaign. But what many fail to understand is that the CTR is largely dependent on the industry you’re in, with industries like dating and real estate promising the best click-through rate, which is to some extent down to the emotional ad copy behind these campaigns. As to the optimal CTR you can expect, the average benchmark lies between 0.4-1 per cent.

However, the best part is that it’s indeed possible to generate a better CTR than the competition’s if you know what you’re doing or partner with an agency known for their superior deliverables such as First Page. For us, what we deem the key factor when trying to maximise your display Ads Google CTR is audience targeting. You’ve got to understand your target market first and foremost and know how to reach them. Only then can you expect to attract engaged buyers who’re easier to convince to click. Creativity of your ads plays a role too and that, coupled with tactical exclusion of certain audiences and topics, ensures your campaign reaches the most engaged prospects.

Everyone expects world-beating ROI on their ad spend when launching any sort of digital marketing campaign. But finding a reliable agency that can guarantee you good returns is a challenge; more so for smaller enterprises who have less margin for error and cannot afford to gamble with their outlay. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable partner when you have us. At First Page, we have carved a reputation for helping businesses of all sizes enjoy unparalleled ROI for their Google display Ads campaigns.

We have an expert team adept at all things display advertising who can work closely with you to ensure you hit your targets. Unlike other agencies that offer you blanket solutions, we take our time to understand your business and your ideal audience before putting together a bespoke campaign that ticks all your objectives. We have been doing this long enough to understand the best way to get the most out of Google Display Ads and the ad format’s most powerful features to outpace your competition. And it’s not all talk – we will develop KPIs that enable you to analyse what we’re doing, and it won’t take long for you to understand why we’re considered the best digital agency in New Zealand.

When interacting with our clients, we’ve realised that most companies looking to launch an online advertising campaign believe it’s a case of “either or”. Truth is, though, these two approaches complement each other and executed together, they can maximise the amount of attention and conversion you command from your target audience. Google ads are great for capturing clicks from leads further along the marketing funnel, but relying on them alone means you’re losing out on a considerable percentage of your target market.

With Google Display Ads able to tap into the over two million website collection on the Google Display network (GDN) including super popular channels like YouTube and Gmail, combining search with display advertising means you can exponentially reach more potential buyers AND in an even wider array of places around the web, not just on search results. The upside to combining these two ad strategies is that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, which will see you enjoy a considerable spike in website traffic and conversions from customers at different stages of their buying journey.

The best thing about paid advertising techniques like Google Display Ads is that unlike strategies like SEO, you start to enjoy an increase in brand awareness, leads and conversions as soon as you launch your campaign. Typically, though, it takes an average of three months for the fruits of your display ads to start showing in earnest. Reason is because it takes time to gather the data needed to transform a handful of leads into a torrent of paying customers. Plus, the strength of your campaign builds up steam steadily as the Google algorithm continuously assesses the performance of your campaign and boosts its visibility as it confirms its quality and usefulness for users.

At First Page, not only do we deliver kick-ass campaigns, but tracking and monitoring is a key aspect of our work. We closely monitor your campaign around the clock and as we evaluate the impressions, clicks and conversions the campaign is garnering, we tweak our approach on the fly in order to achieve maximum results with your Google Display Ads. There’s a reason we’re considered the best marketing agency in New Zealand, you know.