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QR is an initialism for Quick Response, and a QR code is a 2D image that is able to be scanned with a QR code scanner on mobile devices. When the QR code is scanned, the information stored within the code can cause the device to perform a particular action. QR code types will vary depending on what the brand wants the action performed to be, and can include everything from linking users to social channels or websites to displaying the location and directions to your store on Google Maps, storing phone numbers and other contact information into the QR code scanner device and much more.

There has been a fast-growing trend in the last few years of brands using QR code content within their marketing materials to enhance consumer engagement. Digital and print QR codes offer a wealth of opportunities for businesses to drastically improve their campaigns, and with QR codes valid forever, you can create QR code content and use it for as long as you like. With a dynamic QR code specifically, you can do things like set a scan limit and track every single scan as well.

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Anyone who’s done a bit of reading about the topic will likely have come across the terms ‘dynamic’ and ‘static’ when referring to QR codes. So what’s the actual difference between the two?

Let’s first look at static QR codes. These offer a QR code solution which is very basic. Once you create a QR code which is static, you cannot make any changes to it nor can you track it for online retargeting down the line. Because of these limitations, static QR codes are most often used not by businesses, but individuals.

A dynamic QR code is able to be edited, even once it’s been printed onto tangible marketing materials. You’re also able to track dynamic codes, and as such these QR codes are the preferred solution for businesses. Opting for dynamic QR codes provides you with the ability to run retargeting campaigns, and as you can easily modify the QR code content it’s able to be reused over and over again to perform a range of actions.

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When users scan a QR code, you dictate where they end up. So if you operate a business, the opportunities are endless when it comes to where you can use QR codes. Free up space within traditional ad space you buy and develop cross-channel initiatives with absolute ease by bringing generated QR codes into your marketing strategy.

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There are different QR codes for different purposes, which means there are lots of different QR code types that can be created. For example, top quality QR code generators like ours can create QR codes that create templates of email messages on your audience’s phone.

QR code content is incredibly useful for a variety of different purposes, and when you manage QR codes correctly and add QR codes into a spreadsheet, you can easily track and update them (provided they’re a dynamic code).

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