What Makes An Online Social Media Infographic Successful?

Businesses working across virtually every niche benefit from including infographics within their social media strategy. With a vibrant, attention-grabbing graphic, you can quickly capture an idea’s essence or visually represent complex data points.

According to HubSpot, 56% of content marketers say infographics are their most effective digital marketing format – in part because they have the potential to drive viral interest on social media. 

With a highly visual infographic that elegantly captures an industry-specific topic, your audience on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will share your interesting statistics with their own followers. Use these techniques to create infographics for social media that skyrocket your brand’s reach.

Research the Perfect Topic

Sharing via online social media has the power to take your infographic far beyond the reach of your established audience. However, you’ll need to research the perfect topic to ensure you capture your industry’s interest.

For example, how does your product solve pain points? An infographic is a great way to visually represent that kind of question. You can also use social media tools to investigate the latest trends or aggregate expert opinions on a subject.

Reflect on the topics that matter most to your ideal target market. Then plan out a visual template that presents this information with clarity and colour.

Develop a Visual Template

Social Media

Infographics are a great online social media content idea because their visual nature is often more appealing to your audience than a stock standard blog post. Get this aspect right and you can go big on social media.

Rather than needing to read through an entire article to receive the latest statistics, a perfectly executed infographic can express the same data in a more concise and intriguing format. To make sure your infographic stands out, you’ll need high-quality imagery or graphics to complement the stats.

However, be careful about overloading your infographic. Select a few key insights – preferably from original research – that succinctly capture the topic and reveal something your audience didn’t already know.

Start with an Attention-Grabbing Title

When you’re trying to create a digital marketing viral sensation you must use every opportunity to your advantage. Naturally, coming up with an eye-catching headline is a great way to ensure online social media users pay attention to your post.

There are endless ways to approach an infographic title. However, in most cases, it should capture the core message and provide important context for people scrolling through their feed.

Headline writing is an art form, but you can apply a few fundamentals proven to grab attention. Keep it short and punctuated with an emphatic fact. Meanwhile, choosing a readable font and attractive colours also matters when creating infographics for social media.

Engage with Graphs and Charts

Social Media Graph

Infographics are a wonderfully effective digital marketing medium for presenting statistics through charts and graphs. They don’t always have to include the latest data as long as the data they include is relevant to your audience.

People who aren’t so numerically inclined won’t read through a confusing blog post to find relevant information. Instead, a well-presented chart or graph can provide that information with a visual aid that ensures they get the entire picture.

When you present considered graphics alongside sharp headings and text, you can convey an insightful narrative that reveals compelling information about your business or industry.

Think About Flow

Your infographic needs a logical flow to keep someone reading to the end. However, you only have to look through a few infographic examples to see there are endless ways to accomplish this.

For example, use different colours to highlight each section of your infographic to lead someone’s eye from one part to the next. You can also connect sections using arrows, lines or numbers to signal how to read your infographic.

A convenient online service like Canva or Venngage provides all the tools you need to design a highly effective infographic that achieves your brand’s social media strategy

Insert a Striking CTA

While infographics are great for showcasing interesting stats to your audience, don’t forget the goal is to promote your business. To ensure potential customers learn about your brand you need to include a powerful call to action.

For instance, a running shoe company could create an infographic around how evolving footwear has seen the world record time for the 100m sprint constantly get faster.

In this case, an appropriate CTA would direct customers to your website, where they can find high-tech running shoes that help them improve their own times.

Add a clever CTA to your online social media infographics to benefit your business.

Mention Your Brand

If your content idea takes off across social media, make sure you receive the proper credit. Fortunately, it’s easy to ensure your audience discovers the infographic’s creator by adding your company’s branding.

Although the CTA should mention your website URL and drive potential customers to take action, you can level up your approach with a subtle but effective logo in the corner. 

If your brand already has a distinctive visual identity with a specific typeface and colours, include these details in your infographic. This way, it will slot seamlessly alongside the rest of your online social media content.

Promote Your Infographic

Once you’ve finished researching and designing your infographic, ensure it reaches the largest potential audience by sharing it across your various online social media channels.

Ideally, this approach will see your infographic reach influential voices in your sector. However, you can kickstart this process by pitching relevant blogs and influencers that will benefit from your work.

Meanwhile, share your infographic with various online groups, such as Reddit communities or Facebook groups. By reaching the right people, your infographic will make its own way across the internet.

Increase Reach with Social Media Infographics

A perfectly designed Infographic helps your business reach its customers across their favourite online social media platforms. If you’re ready to skyrocket your brand awareness and visibility, partner with the experts at First Page Digital.

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