How Investing in SEO Can Grow Your Ecommerce Site Traffic

No matter what sector your brand operates within, the eCommerce marketplace is hotly contested. With many businesses encountering stiff competition and low margins for error, rising above your rivals in the search results is essential. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has long been one of the fundamental digital marketing strategies. But it’s becoming even more critical as brands need to generate organic website traffic to have a fighting chance.

Fortunately, investing in a razor-sharp eCommerce SEO campaign can achieve your business objectives, ranging from increased brand awareness to better website performance. Consider these reasons for embarking on a search engine optimisation campaign today.

Increase Business Visibility

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With a refined search engine optimisation campaign pushing your website up Google’s results, it’s only natural that your website attracts more traffic. However, think carefully before launching your strategy.

Firstly, you’ll need to conduct in-depth keyword research to find keywords and phrases that closely align with how your target audience searches for products and services like yours. Then you’ll need to craft content that ensures you stand out amongst your competition.

The most prevalent aspect of SEO is that it gets your brand in the conversation. As long as you appear among the top results, you have a much stronger chance of a higher conversion or enquiry rate, which will help you grow your bottom line.

Rank in Local Search Results

If your business benefits from attracting customers in its immediate area, you’ll be happy to know that eCommerce SEO is one of the top digital marketing strategies for achieving this goal. But how does it work? 

Now that almost half of all Google searches in 2022 will feature local intent, investing in a tailored local search engine optimisation campaign will help attract customers to your online and brick-and-mortar stores. 

Stay a step above your competitors by capitalising on localised keywords, ensuring you have a highly optimised Google My Business Profile, and providing meticulous NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data on citation websites.

Enhance Website Functionality

Keywords and links are only a couple of aspects of optimising an eCommerce website. A carefully tailored SEO campaign also elevates the user experience, encouraging customers to browse your product pages and guiding them toward the checkout.

Now that Google gives your website a quantifiable score in Core Web Vitals, brands have a clearer picture of their site’s effectiveness. However, you should be aware that this score directly impacts the performance of your SEO and Google Adwords campaigns.

You can boost your rating by improving page loading times, removing disruptive pop-ups, compressing image sizes and reducing problematic website code. Therefore, a comprehensive SEO campaign significantly improves your website’s functionality. 

Boost User Engagement

ECommerce websites that are simple to browse, interesting, and relevant to your target audience will help increase user engagement and boost website traffic. So, how does SEO help with this? An SEO-friendly site, by design, will be optimised from both a search engine and UX perspective, and therefore will help make your audience feel inclined to remain on and revisit your website.

Having interesting, relevant, and evergreen (in the case of blogs you write) content on your site is a key factor of ranking well and increasing user engagement. For example, a blog that expertly discusses a topic that is highly relevant to its target market will naturally attract consumers to your content. From there, it is possible to funnel users through your website to foster sales and brand awareness.

Backed by optimised page titles, meta descriptions, product photography, relevant images, and video content, investing in a research-driven eCommerce SEO campaign will deliver outstanding user engagement results.

Elevate Your Marketing Funnel

SEO is a highly effective tool for capturing customers at different levels of your sales funnel. There are distinct levels of buyer intent that are reflected by the type of queries customers search for. The most prevalent keywords to your digital marketing strategy as an eCommerce business are those with buying or purchase intent. That is, finding the keywords that customers use when they are ready to purchase a product. 

To explain this further, your main keywords should be targeted at converting sales-ready customers. You can do this by using keywords like “buy men’s shoes” or “men’s shoes free shipping”, as an example. 

Long-tail keywords with modifiers like size, make, or colour can help your business reach people looking for a specific product. If you stock it, there’s a good chance you can convince them to purchase.

Publish Engaging Content

Producing content that resonates with your specific target market can be complex and time-consuming. However, posting relevant, engaging, and evergreen (always relevant) content is a major factor that will have an impact on the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. 

How? Rather than simply writing whatever comes to mind, utilise detailed keyword research and a rock-solid understanding of your ideal audience to guide the topics you write about and the tone you write in.

At the same time, high-quality SEO also sees brands produce blogs and product pages with top-notch formatting, headlines, images and meta information. Each of these considerations delivers better content that boosts traffic.

Foster Ongoing Traffic

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PPC campaigns like Google Adwords and paid social media marketing offer enormous benefits to businesses operating at every level. However, once you stop paying, you lose the ability to reach customers at the top of the search results. 

SEO is a popular digital marketing strategy because brands benefit from organic traffic long-term. Although the results from search engine optimisation take longer to realise, increasing your brand awareness and credibility organically ensures customers remember your name in the future.

Investing in SEO delivers site traffic for years to come by using content marketing to your advantage and providing the most seamless online shopping experience. 

Grow Your Credibility

Developing a successful eCommerce website means establishing your credibility, by building trust and authority with your target audience. As consumers often have numerous options when shopping for a specific product or service, their perception of your brand makes all the difference.

So, how can SEO boost credibility? Appearing close to the top of the search engine results page inherently shows customers that your brand delivers a first-class experience.

When combined with exceptional blog posts, high-quality photography, fascinating video content and more, customers will be more attracted to your brand and therefore more likely to purchase from you.

Invest in SEO Today

Some digital marketing strategies might make bigger headlines, but an effective search engine optimisation remains one of the top-performing avenues to success.

Whether you’re a small business looking to reach local customers, or a multi-national giant competing on the world stage, SEO delivers exceptional results. However, your performance depends on developing a personalised strategy designed to engage your target market.

Our SEO specialists at First Page Digital are leading highly effective campaigns for companies across the globe, so we have what it takes to plan and execute a strategy that ensures you rise above the competition. 

Get in touch with our experts to discover how we can help your eCommerce site reach your ideal target audience and skyrocket conversions.