How Can I Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace has quickly become one of the top online destinations for people buying and selling items.

Launched in 2016, the platform was initially a peer-to-peer service where individual Facebook users could get in touch with each other. 

However, Facebook Marketplace soon expanded to allow merchant sellers to target local customers with precise product listings.

With Facebook featuring a mind-blowing 2.91 billion active monthly users, there’s virtually nowhere better to find people looking for a product like yours.

Thinking about using this incredible online marketplace to your advantage? Here, we explore the basics of this platform and how to develop a sensational sales-winning strategy.

The Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace has become a mind-blowing success because it functions similarly to many other leading online marketplaces like Gumtree and Craigslist.

However, Facebook’s enormous user base and endless data-driven insights provide the platform with an undeniable upper hand.

Whether your business offers new or used products, you can reach countless qualified buyers ready to make a purchase. Meanwhile, there are comprehensive features for categorising your items and attracting local customers who live in your immediate area.

Companies can also use targeted Facebook Ads to drive users to their listings. Existing e-commerce stores can also benefit from seamless integration with popular platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify.

How to Get on Facebook Marketplace? 

How To Get On Facebook Marketplace

Considering how Facebook Marketplace has recently passed a billion monthly users, using this platform to reach and convert your customer base is a great idea. But where do you begin? 

Anyone can start selling on this online marketplace once their listing is approved. Using a personal or business account, simply visit the Marketplace tab and click on ‘Create New Listing’. Then, select the listing type before crafting an eye-catching title and description.

Next, upload images, add relevant tags and provide location information to create a striking post that captures attention. With customers getting in touch via Facebook Messenger, get the small details right to generate massive success.

Tips for Boosting Sales with Facebook Marketplace

Now that you know how to get on Facebook Marketplace, it’s easy to boost your company’s profits with the right approach. Check out the following tips to reach your target audience and provide the best customer service.

Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook Ads

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Considering how much traffic Facebook Marketplace receives, there’s a lot of competition fighting for attention on the platform. However, placing targeted Facebook Ads on this online marketplace ensures you reach the perfect consumers with the ideal message.

These Facebook Ads appear alongside relevant products, with customers who click taken directly to your website.

However, you can also boost your individual product listings to ensure they receive the attention they deserve via high-profile spaces like the News Feed, Messenger, Instagram and more.

By setting aside a budget to create Facebook Ads for Facebook Marketplace, your business has the best chance of standing out against the competition and generating stellar conversions.

Highlight Your Credentials

Highlight Your Credentials

As Facebook Marketplace has soared in popularity, you must ensure users perceive your profile as trustworthy. This starts with listing your items for sale in the most appropriate category. 

The description section of each listing is also an opportunity to convince someone to purchase. Always accurately convey the product’s top features while remaining transparent about any defects found within second-hand items.

Buyers can also leave ratings on your profile, with a top score undoubtedly critical to how future customers see your business. Provide outstanding service and receive great public feedback on metrics like pricing, friendliness, reliability and communication.

Boost Business Trust

Boost Business Trust

Facebook Marketplace’s public “Seller Rating” is crucial to how potential customers judge your profile. However, retailers have several opportunities to ease concerns and showcase how buyers can trust their listings.

If you’re uploading listings from your personal Facebook profile, always use a genuine profile picture to put a friendly face to your items. With your listings linked to your public profile, avoid sharing controversial posts that might turn away consumers.

Many Facebook users are well-aware of fake profiles trying to take advantage of the platform. So always fill out your profile with authentic information to ensure customers know that you’re a real person and legitimate business.

Message Fast and Clear

Message Fast Clear

Part of what makes Facebook Marketplace such an effective platform for buying and selling items is that communication is handled via Facebook Messenger. This convenient approach means keeping tabs on your customers is straightforward. 

However, as most people these days are highly aware of instant messaging platforms, customers expect fast and clear responses after they make contact.

This means either you or a team member must remain on top of your Messenger account to ensure you don’t miss sales opportunities.

With a dedicated approach to selling on Facebook Marketplace, it’s possible to establish a flourishing sales funnel that delivers first-rate returns and boosts your company’s reputation.

Drive Interest with Discounts


Everyone loves to score a bargain – so why not set up attention-grabbing offers for your Facebook Marketplace items! Using the platform’s Commerce Manager, experiment with its many features to see how customers react.

Discounted items are clearly highlighted on your listing, with this simple change quick to grab users attention as they scroll through their Marketplace feed.

Additionally, you can also create deals that include free shipping or “Buy X Get Y” combined offers.

Get creative with how you approach your Facebook marketing to reach your target market and give your business another way to boost its conversions. 

Convert Customers with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the top sales platforms. With most customers already spending loads of time on this dominant social media platform, a thoughtful marketing approach will engage customers and skyrocket conversions.

The team at First Page knows exactly what it takes to take your brand’s Facebook marketing to the next level.

With our specialised digital marketers working alongside the world’s leading companies, our research-driven campaigns enhance your revenue and drive consumer loyalty.

Ready to sell on Marketplace? Contact our talented Facebook marketing consultants today to launch a strategy that responds to your specific needs and converts sales-ready consumers.

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