How to Set Up Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads have helped countless businesses around the globe increase sales and convert their target audience. But if you’re just exploring this social media advertising service for the first time, overcoming the learning curve as quickly as possible is within your best interests.

With Facebook Ads offering big and small businesses alike the chance to engage in low-cost marketing that reaches their specific customer base, establishing an effective campaign ensures your budget doesn’t get wasted.

Alongside the hugely popular Google Adwords, online and brick-and-mortar companies looking to enhance their digital advertising performance must add a sharply optimised Facebook Ads campaign to their approach today.

Getting Started

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Before launching a brand new Facebook ad campaign, consider a few crucial elements first. Make sure you understand your campaign’s purpose and decide what success looks like at the end of your campaign. 

You must also determine whether Facebook is the ideal platform for reaching your audience. If your most lucrative target audience is more active on Instagram or TikTok, using those platforms might better achieve a profitable outcome.

However, if you’re ready to proceed with Facebook advertising, you must create an ad account and have a business page. Then, head to the Facebook Ads Manager to build your campaign.

Choose a Campaign Objective

Like any social media advertising strategy, you need to choose a campaign objective when creating Facebook Ads

With numerous options to choose from, the best way to think about your campaign objective is simply what you want people to do after viewing your ad. 

Do you want more Facebook users to visit your website, or are you wanting to attract the most people irrespective of their buying intent? 

With options for Awareness, Consideration and Conversion, your selection will determine your bidding options, ad formats and placements.


Facebook has literally billions of users, so there will almost always be someone interested in what your brand offers. With the ‘Awareness’ option featuring two objectives in ‘Brand Awareness’ and ‘Reach’, each has its own benefits. 

The first increases awareness of your business and its services. Meanwhile, the latter will show your ad to the greatest number of people within your chosen target audience.

Backed by the ideal message that resonates with your customer base, this objective is great for generating more engagement, social media followers and sales.


The ‘Consideration’ preference for Facebook Ads includes a range of subcategories to suit numerous needs, including Traffic, Engagement, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages, and App Installations. 

These ads convince Facebook users to learn more about your business. For example, Traffic is about compelling users to click through to a destination like your website or an informative blog post.

Companies interested in collecting more sales leads might instead use the ‘Lead Generation’ objective to gather user contact information or ask them to sign up for your e-newsletter.


For businesses that want their Facebook Ads campaign to increase sales, you need to choose the ‘Conversion’ option. Here, the ‘Conversions’ objective encourages users to take action on your posts, whether that’s giving your business a call or deciding to make a purchase. 

The ‘Catalogue Sales’ option is where you can showcase products from your ecommerce store. Naturally, this encourages customers to get to know your offering while encouraging more purchases.

Finally, brick-and-mortar businesses searching for more customers in their local area can use the ‘Store Traffic’ objective. By making nearby consumers aware of your existence, you’ll encourage more people to walk through the door.

Determine Your Budget

The next step requires you to choose a daily or lifetime budget. If this is your first Facebook ad campaign, consider starting small to determine whether your strategy shows signs of success.

If you choose to set a daily budget, your ad campaign will pause automatically should you reach this allocation. This is perfect for brands keen to control their costs, as unchecked campaigns can blow budgets out of the water.

Alternatively, a lifetime budget determines what you spend throughout the campaign. This works best for businesses with a flexible daily budget, as Facebook’s algorithm can capitalise on lucrative opportunities.

Target Your Audience

Now that you’ve decided on a campaign objective and budget, you must narrow your target audience to ensure your brand reaches the most relevant Facebook users. 

For businesses looking to increase awareness, a broad audience is often best. However, you can increase sales via a smaller, more specific audience that displays greater interest in your products and services. 

During this process, you must also select your audience based on the following demographics: location, age, gender, language, interest, and behaviour.  

Meanwhile, the ‘Connections’ section enables you to include or exclude people connected to your Facebook page, focusing your attention on existing or untapped Facebook users.

Create the Perfect Ad

Facebook ad campaign

If you combine brilliant targeting with the perfect ad design, your business has the best chance of achieving a stellar ROI. So, what does a superior Facebook ad look like? It depends on your target audience and campaign goals. 

Eye-catching visuals are one of the most effective ways to stop people from scrolling on their devices. Through bold, simple text and vibrant colours that stand out, potential buyers will discover what you have to say.

You also need to craft a short and convincing message. Ensure you convey the value of your products while also delivering a powerful call-to-action that compels people to follow through on your ideal outcome. 

Measure Your Campaign’s Performance

After launching your campaign, ensure it achieves your goals by keeping close tabs on its performance. With detailed analytics available via Facebook Ads Manager, you can review your ad’s reach, frequency and impressions.

There are also comprehensive stats for engagement, so you can see how many page likes resulted from your campaign while also assessing how your click-through rate and cost-per-click measure up.

After delving into this information, you have the data-driven insights to determine whether you should keep investing in this strategy or undertake a rethink using these learnings to deliver better results.

Choose Superior Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Ads have the power to take your business to the next level. But considering the competition that exists on this enormous platform, running your own campaign without experience is fraught with challenges. 

Instead, partner with a renowned digital marketing agency like First Page Digital. Our highly trained online advertising specialists work closely with your brand to plan and execute a Facebook ad campaign that produces impressive returns.

Rather than wasting time, money and energy on a misguided campaign, chat with our team to learn how we’ll achieve your objectives for an exceptional ROI.

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