How to Build an Audience on Social Media

Building an audience on social media is one of the best ways to solidify your brand’s future. With companies able to form close relationships with their target market, promote new products and provide outstanding customer service, the benefits are massive for those who do it right.

However, if your business wants to increase brand awareness with a social media marketing campaign, first you must recognise that you’re in competition with thousands of other companies.

With a personalised approach to social media content creation, your business can rise above its rivals and engage new users with attention-grabbing content that convinces them to become long-term followers.

Team Up with Creators


Creator Team Up
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It takes a lot of work to build from just a few followers to hundreds and then thousands. However, you can skip the wait with carefully targeted collaborations with creators that have already established a flourishing audience.

Whether you decide to generate a sponsored marketing campaign where you partner with an Instagram influencer or appear alongside a creator in a clever advertising campaign, this content will see people flocking to your profile. 

But you can’t simply work with anyone with a decent-sized audience. You must choose someone who shares a target market with your own brand to ensure like-minded people see the benefit in your products and services.

Express Your Values

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Many of today’s leading brands on social media aren’t afraid to share their values in public. Why? Because this is something that many consumers expect from those they choose to spend their money with.

As countless people around the globe are concerned with social issues and environmental problems, these people want to know they aren’t contributing cash to those doing harm. 

With carefully considered content creation, you can share posts that show what your business is passionate about outside of simply generating sales. From promotional posts for local charities to fundraising efforts for a community in need, let consumers know what you value.

Personalise the Brand

Brand Personalisation
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Expressing your values helps customers understand your motivations as a business and levels up their trust in your operations. The same can be said for personalising your brand with a human face. 

Rather than simply acting as a bland corporate entity, a charming representative can help promote new products and sales to your audience. This will help your profiles increase brand awareness and attract new consumers.

With a razor-sharp content creation plan, you can strategically involve this person in your brand’s marketing to put a familiar face to your messaging and stand out against the competition.

Cross-Promote Content

Content Promotion
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Considering the huge benefits brands get from being active on social media, spreading the word across multiple platforms is best for your reach. One of the smartest ways to gain more visibility is through the cross-promotion of your content wherever possible. 

While this saves your business from spending every waking hour producing content, it also helps you generate sales. Research has found that a typical conversion requires eight touchpoints to achieve success.

For instance, share a clip from a new YouTube video on your Instagram profile or quote your latest blog in a Facebook post to engage your audience’s thoughts. Ideally, they will follow across multiple platforms and help push content to untapped users.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising
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Growing your reach on social media naturally converts users into followers. But achieving exceptional organic growth on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok takes considerable time and effort. 

If you have room in your budget, increase brand awareness via paid advertising. You might boost your daily posts or create a creative ad campaign that kickstarts discussion amongst your ideal target market.

With a solid understanding of your target market and their specific demographics, you can deliver a carefully considered message that skyrockets the number of eyes on your brand.

Get Visual

Expanding your follower count is an enormous challenge without visual content to back up your message. A few professional images of your latest products or a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your daily operations can go a long way to converting new fans.

Video content has also proven incredibly successful for businesses over the last couple of years. As most consumers now have rapid-fast internet and high-quality smartphones, sharing immersive video content generates massive reach and engagement with users.

Get creative with how you pair your written text with emojis and visual media to grab consumer attention and drive more people to your profiles.

Follow the Latest Trends

There are always new trends taking over the internet. Depending on your existing brand voice and target market, choosing to ride a selection of the most popular ones ensures you remain relevant and have a chance at gaining new followers.

So, where do you find these trends? The best way is to remain active enough on social media to notice how evolving content creation styles impact how content is being created and shared.

Make sure you’re following the tastemaker accounts that resonate with your target market. Plus, closely monitor the competition to ensure you don’t overlook a valuable opportunity that might boost your follower count.

Stick to a Schedule

Social Media Schedule

Potential customers don’t want to follow brands that offer no value through their social media presence. If your accounts are noticeably quiet most of the time, people recognise there’s not much benefit in becoming a follower.

However, if you create and stick to an upload schedule that keeps your profiles active with new posts and information, you ensure customers get something back from their decision.

Meanwhile, keeping each profile flush with new content is also valuable in the eyes of these platforms’ algorithms. This helps you remain at the top of the feed when users open up Instagram or TikTok.

Take Charge of Your Digital Marketing

Building a social media following has become one of the core tenants of digital marketing. Yet generating success on these hugely influential platforms involves so much more than just the occasional post.

With your Instagram profiles and Facebook accounts in the hands of First Page Digital’s expert team, we can develop a content strategy that stands out against the competition and resonates with your target audience.

Having helped thousands of brands around the globe achieve their digital marketing goals, get in touch to find out how we can transform your outdated profiles into industry-leading pages that inspire leads and conversions.

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