Insta-Worthy Restaurants and Cafés who are cooking up a storm in the Instagram marketing game

Never fear, you’re not alone. We’ve all pretended we’re only there for the food when really, we can’t wait to snap a photo, jump on the Instagram app and share the delectable creation in front of us on Instagram stories and in our Instagram feed. Hop on Instagram and it’s hard to not be bombarded by posts and stories of a similar nature made by others all around the world.

It’s likely one of the biggest drivers that brought in new Instagram users in the hay day of the app. Many created an Instagram account so that they could share their favourite spots and treats on their Instagram profile and wider social media. Likewise, a number of cafes and restaurants have transformed an account into a business profile and incorporated Instagram into their strategy.

Instagram marketing the go to for restaurants and cafes

Many now have a strong Instagram presence with owners getting their heads around Instagram analytics and Instagram Insights to drive their Instagram strategy. With the number of Instagram followers on these accounts reaching as high as 20k, it’s no wonder that many more restaurants and cafes are seeking to build an Instagram strategy.

The restaurants and cafes with an Instagram account worth following

  1. Odette’s Eatery – nailing the Instagram posts!

Odette’s Eatery is another cafe/restaurant building brand awareness the right way. They are taking the Instagram algorithm by the horns and utilising Instagram live video, branded hashtags, a bio link, Instagram captions and more as part of their social media strategy.

Your artistic direction will turn this into a beautifully composed square frame by mixing it up with some organic presentation. Those chocolate crepes with plum ice cream and pistachios take the cake, even though they do amazing things with eggs. Get in there now, take a seat, and pull out the camera! Oh, remember to order first.

  1. Mondays – all over the Instagram stories!

Mondays is doing it right, displaying their brand values and brand identity through a curated Instagram aesthetic. This business relies on the platform for their brand awareness, and they pull out all the stops using relevant hashtags, Instagram reels, post captions, graphic templates and more to draw in potential customers.

It’s the smoothies that are the most Instagrammable in and of themselves, but if you really want the perfect pic, grab some waffles. The mosaic tables and mismatched vintage tableware make a perfect melancholic backdrop, don’t you think?

  1. Cereal Killa – venturing into Instagram ads!

Cereal Killa has built out their marketing strategy in the best way. Their awesome creations are in front of their target audience every day and their Instagram presence is full of user generated content, meaning less work for them! Of all the social media platforms Cereal Killa has, it’s no wonder they most use the one that lets them show off pictures of their food most easily.

You can get a month’s worth of cereal in a glass jar with milk thanks to Cereal Killa. Is it worth it? Absolutely, even though our waistbands are getting tighter every time we look at them.

Give your Instagram community some love by sharing the suga. The half-litre of milk and ice cream topped with chocolate, popcorn, nuts, and waffles will impress even your health-conscious friends! Although, we might pay for it later depending on our intolerances… worth it!

  1. L’oeuf – now that’s an Instagram account!

The simple fact that the Instagram presence of L’oeuf exists makes us hungry. They’ve nailed their Instagram marketing strategy, taking advantage of ads, a branded hashtag here and there, and using catchy dialogue in their marketing. Their Instagram presence is set to only grow.

Order the ‘Cambodian’ black sticky rice topped with edible flowers or the ‘Dutchess’ with smoked fish remoulade and a poachie. You should have that artful presentation captured for all to see (if they haven’t already).

  1. Deco Eatery – Instagram marketing know it all’s!

We wish we could reach into each Instagram post by Deco Eatery and gobble it up. Their target audience probably feels the same. This Instagram business profile knows how to do Instagram marketing. Their Instagram content contains more than food. Showcasing their functions and the social side of their venue seem to be heavily considered in their social media strategy. If you want to know how to do social media marketing right, take a look at these guys!

Our recommendation is the mezze platter, fattoush salad, and some sinfully sticky baklava to give the gram an authentic feel. Tea or coffee make the most suitable prop, served in theme-worthy mugs, although the wine list is tempting.

It may look like Waitakere bush from the outside, but the inside is full of Turkish noise. The people who follow you will think you’ve taken a quick jaunt to Istanbul rather than sitting in Wild West Auckland.

How can I use Instagram posts, Instagram stories and Instagram ads to grow my business?

All small businesses wonder how they can utilise social media to grow their brand. We’ve all engaged with so many of the clever ways of marketing on social platforms through the use of our personal profile.

We’ve all been Instagram shopping for years. We’ve used the branded hashtag, done the live posts, put up the stories. As a small business, you’re now probably wondering how you can get on the other side and draw potential customers into your business rather than falling victim to the same marketing as a customer.

Getting your Instagram marketing off on the right foot is about more than good food (though it helps), and any industry can utilise it to their benefit. First, you need a plan – a content creation plan, a list of the marketing tools you’ll use on the site, and an understanding of what the customer wants to see.

Once you have these down, you’ll be moving in the right direction.

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