How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Almost everyone understands the power of social media for digital marketing. But considering the huge amount of competition vying for attention online, an in-depth social media strategy gives you a clear path to attracting your ideal audience.

However, if you’re still finding your feet while building your social media brand, you might not fully understand how to generate a marketing campaign that works. 

To help you get up to speed with the biggest names in your industry, we’ve outlined a host of digital marketing and content creation tips to help you increase brand awareness and generate conversions.

Determine Your Goals

Define Your Goals

Every new business owner wants to build their following on social media, but what are you actually trying to achieve? Without setting specific goals, you might needlessly throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. 

Unfortunately, there’s not the most efficient way of going about your business operations. Instead, ask yourself some simple questions like why you joined social media and what you hope to achieve. 

By understanding the main reason your brand exists on social media, you can refine your approach and plot a course of action that delivers unmatched results.

Define Your Target Audience

Define Your Target Audience

A digital marketing campaign works best on social media when you’re speaking to a specific target audience. First, consider their broad characteristics such as age, gender, location and salary and how this relates to your brand’s goals. 

Then, delve a little deeper by thinking about what social channels these people gravitate towards and how your product solves a problem for them. 

This strategic process also proves highly beneficial for content creation. You’ll find it easier to target each piece of content for a specific target market while choosing visual elements that resonate with their interests.

Research the Competition

Research the Competition

There’s no shame in borrowing an idea or two from the competition. By keeping close tabs on how their social strategy performs with a like-minded audience, you can find a shortcut to generating success. 

In addition, knowing what your rivals are doing for content creation means you can find an alternative approach that helps you stand out in the marketplace. 

Researching the competition lets you see what they’re doing right, but it also means you discover what frustrates their customers. Do they ignore customer comments or post content that gets no interaction? Think about how you can do things better.

Post Consistently

Social Media Posting

You can’t expect to establish a loyal social media following if you rarely post content. Therefore, develop a consistent posting schedule that you plan out ahead of time, to ensure you keep your audience’s eyes focused on your brand.

While some industries can get away with more posts than others in a single day, be careful not to bombard your followers with constant updates that flood their feed. 

Instead, opt for one or two high-quality posts per day targeted to their specific interests. Alongside a diverse selection of post styles and messages, this will support your brand’s journey to digital marketing success.

Always Cross-Promote

Cross Promote
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If you have the resources, engage your ideal target audience by cross-promoting content across several platforms. This process means you’re reaching more consumers while encouraging them to follow wherever you’re active.

For instance, if you make a fresh YouTube video, share a clip on your Instagram profile. Consider re-sharing again on your TikTok to benefit the most from your content creation efforts.

By making cross-promotion a core part of your digital marketing strategy, you maximise growth and ensure your content reaches new consumers ready to learn about your business.

Shares Equal Growth

Social Media Equal Growth

Most brands that are developing a social media marketing strategy want to consistently build their audience across each platform. One of the best ways to do this is by creating content that naturally generates shares. 

So how is it done? You should focus on highly visual content that people love to share with their friends and family. Depending on your industry, the creation of high-quality infographics and statistical posts can also result in massive attention.

You must also plan your captions. Use highly relevant hashtags and a powerful call-to-action to drive interactions. You might also capitalise on trending topics that capture the attention of everyday consumers.

Build Close Relationships

Build Close Relations

Retaining customers is one of the best things you can do for your business in the long run. Social media has proved highly effective for relationship-building, but it requires a dedicated approach to achieve your goals.

To boost trust in your brand, strive to reply to most comments on your posts. This helps to humanise your brand while showing consumers that you genuinely care about their feedback.

For brands that handle customer service via social channels, the timeliness and tone of your responses can also make or break a relationship. Remember that happy customers become advocates for your brand, so do your best to please them whenever possible.

Track Your Progress

Social Media - Track Progress

Planning and executing a social media strategy is a smart decision for your brand’s future. But as platforms update their algorithms and your business evolves, you need to remain on top of your campaign’s performance.

By reflecting on which posts generate the most success alongside those that fail to make an impression, you can tweak your strategy to ensure your content creation always hits the mark.

With your social channels ideally funnelling consumers towards making a purchase, make sure you fully understand the customer journey and how it can be improved via your digital marketing strategy.

Achieve Social Media Success

Social media is one of the most powerful weapons online businesses have in their arsenals. But if you want to maximise your growth and performance via enormous platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, you need a strategic approach tailored to your specific brand.

The team at First Page Digital has led hugely rewarding social media marketing campaigns for thousands of companies around the globe. 

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, produce YouTube ads or skyrocket sales, our campaigns have consistently delivered the goods. Start a conversation with our digital marketing specialists to get started today.

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