How to Improve Your SEO Ranking Performance?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial for how businesses capture the attention of their target audience. With this popular digital marketing technique ensuring your website appeals to Google’s algorithm, you can drive highly relevant consumers straight to your content.

However, SEO is an ever-evolving process that requires businesses to implement the latest methods and avoid making mistakes that push them down the rankings.

With SEO having the power to level up your website traffic beyond your wildest dreams, getting the formula right is incredible for your sales and brand awareness. Here, we explore how to take your SEO performance from mediocre to life-changing.

Review Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Businesses are constantly changing, as new products attract consumers with different interests than previous buyers. Plus, as your business evolves, you likely want to expand your reach to customers with greater spending power or in varied locations around the globe.

Therefore, you must regularly review your keyword research to ensure it remains potent for your needs. As specific phrases enter and exit the everyday person’s vernacular, the way consumers use Google to search for products and services also changes.

With your business undoubtedly changing over the years, a considered review of your keywords ensures your SEO campaign keeps pace.

Enhance Link Building

Link building continues to be one of the most effective search engine optimisation techniques. Why? Because when other independent websites link to your website, it signals to Google’s algorithm that your page content is appropriate for relevant consumers.

However, know that a powerful link building strategy isn’t always straightforward. You must identify like-minded businesses, make contact, and convince them to feature your latest content.

You can also attract these links with data-driven content like infographics and case studies. These provide helpful industry-specific information that shows your business thinking at a higher level than the rest.

Improve Page Formatting

Don’t underestimate the importance of page formatting for your overall SEO performance. Search ranking algorithms read semantic HTML code like header, paragraph and quote tags, so critical page details aren’t overlooked.

Yet page formatting also benefits your readers. For example, breaking up long articles with H2 and H3 headers is wonderful for improving readability. Plus, this enables you to insert more keywords into prominent spaces. 

You should also focus on using numbered and bullet-point lists to structure information, while limiting paragraphs to about three sentences each. Alongside many other formatting tips, you can significantly improve your content clarity.

Use Clean URLs

Inexperienced people often overlook URL structure when implementing SEO changes. Although you might think these snippets function solely as your content’s web address, SEO-friendly URLs enhance how people understand your page content.

When you browse Google’s search results, each page’s URL is clearly displayed above the title. While you might not realise it, as we scan the results to find the optimal website, this information helps us make the right decision.

Therefore, a short and clear URL that captures precisely what’s on the page helps consumers choose the ideal destination. Improve your URL structure and watch as your SEO improves.

Reduce Page Loading Times

While we don’t know everything that goes into Google’s search algorithm, the brainiacs behind this complex formula occasionally acknowledge that certain factors impact how your website ranks. 

Page loading time, especially for mobile search results, is one of these rare admissions. Because consumers want to receive relevant information as quickly as possible, pages that take an age to load see people click away fast, hurting your SEO performance.

Do everything to reduce this time. Start by limiting the amount of code required to load each page while reducing all image sizes without compromising quality.

Repurpose Old Content

Just because you have old content filling up your archives doesn’t mean it’s lost all purpose. This content is perfect for achieving your digital marketing needs, as reworking it into engaging articles or YouTube videos ensures you attract new customers.

For example, an outdated blog can be rejuvenated with a quick edit, new keywords and insightful statistics that ensure it applies to consumers in 2022. Meanwhile, transforming an old article into a video script will save you loads of time and effort.

Get creative with how you use your wealth of digital marketing content. You’ll quickly discover that it remains incredibly useful for your content production needs.

Drive Growth with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is remarkable for staying on top of your search engine optimisation performance, with millions of businesses around the globe relying on its data-driven insights.

The latest version of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) brings a host of next-generation updates, including privacy-first tracking, AI-based predictions and advanced machine learning models. Meanwhile, GA4 also enhances cross-channel data, meaning you can keep tabs on customers across websites, software and app-based channels.

By learning how to use Google Analytics to your advantage, you can see how your SEO campaign grows your business while capturing trends that help you capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Site Accessibility Matters

Site accessibility

People shouldn’t have to struggle to read and navigate your website in the modern age. 

Although the internet of the past often ignored people with auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities, focusing on accessibility standards ensures the greatest number of people can use your website.

Naturally, this is a wise step forward for supporting people with differing needs. However, it also makes perfect business sense, as the more people remain on your website for longer, the more Google likes to rank your business.

With header tags, sitemaps, anchor text and alt text, it’s possible to skyrocket your website’s readability. 

Boost Your SEO Performance

Search engine optimisation is one of the leading digital marketing techniques for a good reason. With a tailored, forward-thinking strategy reaching your ideal target market, you have the power to drive incredible website traffic right to your business.

However, you can’t add a few keywords and expect to experience rapid growth. To soar above your rivals on the search engine results page, you must embark on a considered campaign that approaches your goal from numerous perspectives.

Fortunately, the experts at First Page Digital lead research-driven optimisation campaigns for customers around the globe. Get in touch today to discover how we’ll deliver unmatched results for your business.

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