What is Digital Marketing Strategy and its Process? 

Your business might have adapted to the digital landscape through social media content and e-commerce channels, but are you planning and executing the most effective digital marketing strategy

Businesses that have aspirations to take over their industry must appreciate the importance of a well-defined digital marketing plan. If you ignore this process, there’s a good chance you won’t generate the website traffic and sales needed to dominate your sector.

Here, we delve into the ins and outs of a robust digital marketing strategy, for companies operating at every level. Plus, we’ll explore how to develop a campaign that reaches your audience and convinces them to take action.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

What Is Digital Marketing

Once you understand the virtually endless ways businesses can advertise their products and services online, it’s easy to find yourself tangled up in a web of poorly defined goals and ineffective marketing channels.

Instead, forward-thinking companies design and implement a digital marketing strategy that addresses their precise needs. Rather than wasting your time and energy on a campaign that might be completely redundant for your audience, you’ll have a precise plan of attack.

Depending on your goals and budget, your digital marketing plan will involve several channels, ranging from social media marketing to search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords. Make sure you stay ahead of the pack by creating a strategy that increases your efficiency and reduces costs.

How to Create a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy 

A mind-blowing $1.26 billion NZD in digital advertising revenue was generated in 2019. As this figure is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, marketing online without a plan is bound to lead to plenty of wasted investment and frustration.

If you’re yet to formulate a digital marketing strategy, the best time is now. Below, we cover the essential steps needed to develop a plan tailored to your company’s specific products and services. Alongside an expert digital marketing agency in New Zealand, your business can skyrocket its performance.

Define Your Goal

Define Your Digital Marketing Goals

Sometimes asking yourself the most basic questions signals the ideal way forward. This is the idea behind clearly defining what you want your digital marketing campaign to achieve. Think carefully – are you looking to grow your audience, increase sales or boost email subscribers? 

After you have an unequivocal objective that equates to digital marketing perfection, you must identify the channels and resources required to succeed. However, this specific goal must also be measurable and realistic to positively affect your bottom line.

Backed by a clear target, your business will find a path forward that grows your operation and ensures you reach the next level.

Research Your Audience

Research Your Audience

You can’t execute a successful marketing campaign if you don’t understand your audience or what they want. 

Don’t just send your messages into the ether, hoping to hit your target. Instead, accurate insight into your target market means you can determine the demand for new products or develop content ideas that resonate with your customer base.

For instance, a business marketing to customers over 60 probably won’t achieve its goals with memes shared on social media. However, thoughtful YouTube videos that explain technical concepts might achieve outstanding results.

By researching your audience and tailoring your content to their needs, you can convert website traffic and visitors to your physical stores.

Develop Precise Buyer Personas

Develop Precise Buyer Personas

Researching your audience is critical to success, but there’s likely more than one type of person interested in your products and services. This is where the importance of buyer personas comes in to help map out your marketing strategy.

Based on data-driven findings and questionnaires completed by your previous customers, these personas make it easy to produce messages and campaign ideas that are bound to capture attention.

Across demographics like age, income and profession, you can produce personas that outline the challenges experienced by these consumers and how your content can solve them. Check out HubSpot’s handy persona building tool to give yourself a head start.

Choose the Right Marketing Channels

Choose The Right Marketing Channels

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With a solid idea of what audience you need to attract to achieve your goals, you must identify the marketing channels that deliver these consumers. 

If you sell highly visual products like travel services or fashion, getting active on Instagram and TikTok is a smart decision. However, to be able to approach corporate decision-makers with the power to purchase your SaaS product for their organisation, you may need to advertise on LinkedIn. 

Alongside proven techniques like SEO-driven blogs and email campaigns, determining the most effective channel ensures you avoid wasting vital time and money.

With a digital marketing strategy that carefully considers your company’s customer base, advertising budget and resources on hand, you can find the right way to reach your target audience.

Craft the Perfect Message

Craft The Perfect Message

Even if your product is perfect for a specific person, how you deliver your message might be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. This requires you to develop a tone of voice that sounds just like the consumers you’re trying to convert. 

If you know your audience consists of teenagers, a message loaded with slang and pop culture references might convince them to engage. But as no two audiences are alike, you need to remain highly vigilant about how you tailor your message.

By carefully addressing your audience’s pain points and delivering a message that doesn’t feel forced, you can increase your conversions and put your business on the path to success.

Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is hugely effective for businesses across virtually every industry. But you can’t rush into a campaign and expect it to generate growth and sales if you haven’t stopped to make even the most basic plan. 

By using the benefits of digital marketing to your advantage across social media marketing, search engine optimisation, Google AdWords and many other channels, finding which approach makes sense for your business is imperative to success.

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