What is Google AdWords in Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) services help businesses organically climb Google’s search results to enhance their website’s visibility. But if you don’t have the patience for this marketing strategy, how can you skip the wait? 

The most popular way is Google AdWords. As companies can pay Google to have their website displayed at the top of relevant search results, this keyword-based technique promotes your brand and reaches relevant customers faster than ever.

Ready to incorporate Google AdWords into your digital marketing strategy? Here, we cover the basics of Google Ads and explore how you can use them to your advantage.

What is Google Ads?

What are GoogleAds

As a pay-per-click (PPC) service, Google AdWords sees businesses pay for every click or impression they receive on their advertisements. With brands able to tailor these ads to their precise goals, such as increased website traffic or lead generation, you can hit your targets and grow your presence.

Considering how many platforms feature Google Ads, including Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Shopping, it’s possible to reach your exact target market and convince them to take action. For a solution proven to grow online businesses, Google AdWords might just be the perfect choice for your needs.

How Do PPC Services Benefit Businesses?

How PPC Benefit Business

Businesses benefit from using Google Ads because an optimised campaign can attract and convert a specific target market. However, several other advantages also make this marketing strategy an appealing prospect for companies big and small.

For instance, businesses will appreciate how they can maintain meticulous control over their audience targeting and campaign spending. 

Every strategy also delivers a wealth of insightful data, meaning you can identify areas for improvement and work towards an even greater return on investment. Team up with First Page Digital to benefit from exceptional PPC services today.

How to Use Google AdWords for Digital Marketing

Google AdWords is a cornerstone of online marketing for countless industry professionals. If you’re keen to adopt this approach into your strategy today, consider the following tips to ensure you generate a rewarding campaign.

Define Your Target Audience

Target Audience

Like SEO services, online marketing platforms like Google are only as effective as your target audience. If you launch a poorly considered campaign that fails to reach the right people, you can’t expect to generate leads and website traffic.

Naturally, this starts with the demographics of your customer base. Across age, gender, location, salary and interests, you have the power to target the ideal consumers who have a higher chance of making a purchase. 

Backed by detailed buyer personas and insightful data on past conversions, you can define the right audience and ensure your campaign hits the mark.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Once you’ve defined your audience, you must identify the perfect keywords to capture their attention and achieve your goals. But as advertising on hugely popular keywords can be too expensive for many businesses, you must take a strategic approach to this research. 

For example, you might decide to start with broad keywords that ensure you reach people interested in your sector. However, these can be complemented with long-tail keywords that receive less traffic, but are used by highly engaged customers.

With Google Ads offering comprehensive analytics on how each keyword performs, brands can identify which terms suit their objectives and optimise their output.

Align Your Landing Pages

Align Landing Pages

You might not realise it, but landing pages are imperative to your Google Ads campaigns. This is because Google uses a metric known as Quality Score to determine how relevant each ad is to consumers.

As landing pages play a critical role in this score, people who click-through to your website must enjoy a top-notch user experience. With this in mind, always ensure your pages load at top speed and remain highly optimised for mobile-based customers.

You must also make sure your Google Ads and landing pages share a parallel message. For example, if your ad promotes a particular product, brands must link to the corresponding product page to maximise their Quality Score. 

Analyse Your Results

Analyse Results

Before the rise of online marketing, advertisers simply didn’t have access to the same granular level of data that exists today. However, modern data-driven platforms such as Google Analytics provide brands with extensive campaign feedback that signals the best way forward. 

Therefore, businesses must link Google Analytics to their Google Ads account. This razor-sharp integration ensures you can track, analyse and read reports on how leads use your website after clicking on one of your ads. 

Do they instantly leave or follow a consistent path to the checkout page? Insights like these are critical for determining the effectiveness of your website design and long-term success.

Budget Responsibly

Budget Responsibly

Google Ads might be a small or core part of your overarching online marketing strategy, but you must determine the ideal budget to ensure you experience a cost-effective ROI. This starts by researching how much it will cost to advertise on your preferred keywords.

You must also consider how branded keywords and user intent factor into your decisions. If your goal is to convert customers with high intent, focus your spending on keywords that include terms like “buy now” and “free shipping”.

With the help of a leading Google AdWords management agency like First Page Digital, you’ll quickly discover that our thoughtful strategies optimise your Google Ads costs

Choose Exceptional Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords can be a challenging strategy to get right, but considering the unmatched rewards that follow a successful campaign, don’t ignore the importance of a razor-sharp plan.

Research-driven Google AdWords campaigns consistently deliver outstanding profits for companies operating across all industries. So, if you don’t want your company to get left behind, it’s time that you adopted the right approach for your business.

With the help of First Page Digital’s talented team, we can tailor a campaign that complements your SEO services and delivers the perfect audience to your website. 

Get in touch with our digital marketing specialists today. As we’ve led campaigns for some of the world’s biggest businesses, we have what it takes to skyrocket your bottom line.

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