Why Facebook Lead Ads Might be the Key to Your Marketing Success

Any experienced marketer and sales team knows that a high-quality Facebook marketing strategy can be a huge asset to any growing business.

Consumers don’t simply use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and families and stay up to date with the latest gossip and news. That’s only half the story! Facebook offers a wide range of options for marketing a product or service to both desktop and mobile users, providing an additional avenue for potential sales.

Offering a highly personalised experience in ad creation, Facebook is a clear winner if you want to create effective lead ads and run campaigns. Lead ads are nothing news, but for some mysterious reason, we often hear that Facebook lead ads integrations are not yet widely used by many advertisers —or at least not to their maximum potential.

We believe that it’s high time to change that! The effective use of Facebook lead ads in online advertising can be what sets your ad campaign apart from the rest, and we want you to be the BEST!

How Do Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns Work?

We are sure you’d be wondering how Facebook lead ads campaigns work. You may even be contemplating whether a Facebook lead ad campaign is even worth it.

The answer is a big YES! Facebook lead campaigns are an excellent way for companies to generate new leads and customers. Facebook lead ads are an effective form of Facebook advertising that can target Facebook custom audiences with relevant ads that showcase that your product or service can satisfy their needs or wants.

By acquiring new qualified leads, businesses can reach a large number of potential customers with minimal effort. Remember what they say; work smarter not harder!

The Facebook platform provides a variety of options for targeting audiences, and businesses can use the data from their existing customer base to create highly targeted ads that are destined for success!

In addition, Facebook lead campaigns offer a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. When done correctly, they can be an extremely effective tool for generating a new lead, more exposure – and more revenue of course!

Why use Facebook Lead Ads for your campaigns?

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest and most valuable social network, offering countless benefits for marketers and businesses. Social media has become part of our daily lives, so why not use that fact to your advantage?

When we utilise Facebook Leads Ads in our advertising campaigns, it encourages quality leads, helping our chosen audience to interact with our company in various ways, such as through newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and links to landing pages.

These ad campaigns also contain a pre-designed package that is optimised for mobile screens. This makes things even easier for potential customers, as almost every Facebook user (97%!) is connected to the app via their phone and spending a growing amount of time on mobile devices. In addition, lead adverts provide an instant form that can easily be filled in in real-time through the website.

High-quality leads can maximise the size of a target audience and improve the conversion rate of campaigns. It allows you to gather leads at comparatively low prices by gathering the contact details of prospects using mobile and desktop adverts.

Before this tool was invented, conversions involved various steps that ultimately redirected users from social media to an external landing page or website. In response, users must also respond by completing a further request to give their contact information and stay in touch, fostering long-lasting relationships with a business.

How do you set up Facebook Lead Ads Campaigns?

Woohoo! You’ve made the [correct] decision to give a lead generation campaign on Facebook a go. But, where do you begin? It might be intimidating at first, but rest assured. the team at First Page has got your back with this step-by-step guide!

The first steps

  1. Begin by going to ‘Ads Manager’ on Facebook. After clicking the green “Create” icon, select your campaign objective in the ad campaign creator. When it comes to selecting your Facebook lead ad campaign objectives, the world is your oyster! For example, if you want to generate leads, select the ‘Lead Generation’ objective.
  2. Give your Facebook lead ad campaign an easily-identifiable name by clicking the ‘Campaigns’ button under ‘Leads.’ If you run various pages for Facebook products or services, make sure you choose the correct page to associate the campaign with.

Picking your crowd

  1. The beauty of creating lead ads on Facebook is the extent that you can personalise them. At this stage, you get to choose your custom audience, placement and schedule.Choose your target audience criteria carefully, as you want to aim your marketing efforts at a crowd that will genuinely be interested in your product or service. Otherwise, you may as well throw your hard-earned money down the drain!It is also beneficial to target individuals in your customer journey at various stages in your product or service lifecycle, to maximise the exposure and effectiveness of lead ads.You will also ensure a high percentage of shoppers sees the lead ads. Plus, it attracts more leads interested in your solutions. When someone sees your advertisement, the searcher will start to research the available solutions.It’s also important to note that you are not permitted to target lead ads to minors under 18.

Choosing your Budget and Ad Type

  1. Another important consideration is your ad spend. You can create a test campaign budget optimisation for your Facebook campaign or choose ‘Special Ad Category’ from this dropdown menu in the ad settings. Select a Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) based A/B test.
  2. Enter a set of ad names. Select ‘Lead Method’. It’s possible to activate the dynamic creation button. You also choose the format of your lead ads, with the options being a carousel, single image, video or slideshow.There are benefits to each type of lead ads. For example. carousel ads are a popular choice if you want to display multiple images or videos within one ad unit. This increases customer engagement and provides more opportunities for storytelling and establishing your brand identity.

Creating Content That Converts

  1. Input the ad copy for your creation, including the headline, body and call to action to incite a quality lead.Your call to action is a critical component of a contact form to ensure that the customer interaction established during the process continues beyond lead forms. For example. it could draw customers to your product or service’s landing pages and grow your sales.
  2. Click ‘Contact Form’ as you scroll down. You can include the title of the form, an introduction, questions, your company’s privacy statement, and a thank you screen here.Don’t forget to ensure that the form submission will work properly because you want to make the most of all the leads you get! The data collected on the instant form will provide valuable insight to your audience, giving you plenty of opportunities to cater your strategy for maximum effectiveness and success.When your audience fills in a lead form, it also promotes potential and current customers to make meaningful and long-lasting connections with your business, ensuring a more qualified lead that can benefit both parties.

The finishing touches

  1. Check the box next to ‘Collect organic leads’ in the Settings section of your form. Although this additional step is optional, there’s no harm in trying it out. Here, you can also modify the form’s language.
  2. Press the ‘Finish’ button in the top right-hand corner. When you are prepared to publish, review your ad in Ads Manager and click ‘Confirm.’
  3. Congrats! Your ad has officially been placed on Facebook by now. At this point, you can obtain leads manually, through the Facebook Marketing API, or by integrating your customer’s system. Advertisers can also use Facebook Instant Experience forms to get leads.
  4. Sit back, relax and keep track of your lead ads! See if your existing form is working and achieving your lead generation objective, or if changes need to be made for improvement. The dedicated team at First Page can help you make sure you are on track to achieving the objective you have selected for your Facebook lead.

Effectiveness of Facebook Lead Ads in Online Adverting

At First Page, we are all about getting our clients the results they want. In nearly every campaign that we run with our clients, we’re seeing a 50% reduction in costs compared to sending to a lead-generated Facebook page using lead ad placements. Now that’s what we call bang for your buck!

We have seen several successful campaign launches in multiple industries, including Auto Education and Real Property with proven results. Not every company knows how to make the most of lead ad campaigns, even though they often have better performance than a landing page (as long as the lead quality is maintained as well).

Lucky for you, First Page has all the resources, skills and more to help you create lead ads that actually work. If you needed a sign to get on board with Facebook lead ads, this is it!

Examples of Facebook Lead Ads that Convert

Social proof can be an effective tool for generating action. In social marketing campaigns, social proof can come in especially handy. For example, testimonials add authority to your product or service and can show that your company is the superior option in relation to competitors, as your audience can see proven customer satisfaction.

The use of testimonials can also influence a user’s way of thinking about your company’s reputation or its image within a certain audience. You can also display photos that depict customers enjoying your product or service, giving it an aspirational status.

How Much Does a Facebook lead generation campaign cost?

Facebook Lead gen campaigns vary in cost depending on factors such as your audience, relevance scores, lead ad bid strategy and of course, advertising budget. The sky [and your wallet] is the limit!

When thinking about Facebook ad costs for 2023, it’s worth considering regular yearly patterns in sales and marketing. As usual, the year began with fewer clicks at the start of Q1 which was increasing as our progress toward Q4 and the holiday seasons grew.

Cost per click (CPC) can generally be determined based on competition from other advertisers, so there are several external factors involved in a lead generation campaign.

Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Lead Ads

Believe it or not, there is an art to Facebook lead ads, so it’s worth checking out the do’s and don’ts to ensure high lead quality.

After selecting your campaign objective, it is vital to choose the right custom audience that is best suited to your product or service, as this will increase the chance of converting your leads and getting the results you want to ensure your company’s success!

To put it bluntly, if you choose the wrong target audience for your lead ad, they will find your content irrelevant and avoid filling in your instant form like the plague! There’s no point in investing your money and time into targeting a crowd that doesn’t care about what you have to offer.

Don’t make your lead ads too sales-y either. Rather than focusing on a hard-sell approach in your campaign, try to create value and authentic relationships with your customers which will naturally entice your audience to fill in your lead form.

Get in Touch With the Experts

If you’re ready to make the most of Facebook marketing for your business, it’s a no-brainer to reach out to the team at First Page. We want our clients to receive a high ROI, so we are committed to helping you every step of the way so that you can achieve your goals. Get moving with Facebook lead ads today and start to see the difference that First Page can make!