All About Google’s March 2024 Update

Navigating the constantly shifting digital terrain and staying abreast of important updates can be daunting. The March 2024 Core Update from Google represents a substantial stride in improving internet content quality, and we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive grasp of these changes.

The core update was announced by John Mueller (Google’s Senior Search Analyst) about a week ago indicating that this is one of the largest updates that Google is rolling out in a while…

This ambitious update surpasses its predecessors by aiming to slash “unhelpful” content by 40%. It rolls out stringent new spam policies to tackle deceptive practices, thereby establishing a new benchmark for achieving visibility on the globe’s most utilised search engine.

What’s Unveiled in the March 2024 Core Update?

Elizabeth Tucker, Google’s Director of Product for Search, highlighted the update’s commitment to elevating useful content and diminishing the presence of unoriginal content in search outcomes. Stemming from continuous enhancements since 2022, this update zeroes in on three critical aspects: elevating the quality of ranking, addressing the issue of scaled content abuse, and tackling site reputation abuse.

Elevating Content Quality

The update enhances ranking algorithms to favour web pages that deliver authentic value, leading users to the most useful and unique content. Google’s sophisticated systems are now more adept at identifying whether content is crafted more for search engines than for real people, fostering a more user-centric online experience.

Addressing Scaled Content Abuse

This update takes a firm stance against manipulating search rankings with low-quality content produced on a large scale, whether through automation, human effort, or both, which lacks substantial value. Google’s stringent measures emphasise the critical role of creativity and quality in content development.

Tackling Site Reputation and Expired Domain Abuse

Moreover, the update combats site reputation abuse, where sites of high repute host substandard content from external parties, and expired domain abuse, where previously owned domains are utilised for spam. These actions are designed to protect the credibility of established sites and prevent users from being deceived by the residual trust of a domain.

The Impact on Webmasters and Content Creators

For webmasters and content creators, it’s essential to adjust to these updates to sustain and enhance your visibility on search engines.

The above volatility index tracks the overall organic ranking fluctuations across thousands of websites in Google’s top 100 rankings. The graph above indicates that the volatility ranking index has substantially increased since Google’s core update was launched earlier this month. The core update hasn’t been fully rolled out by Google yet and we don’t expect ranking to stabilise until the first week of April 2024.


Consider the following practical advice:

  • Prioritise High-Quality Content: Make sure your content is unique, engaging, and genuinely valuable to your audience. Create with your audience’s needs in mind, not just search engine algorithms.
  • Conduct Regular Content Audits: Periodically evaluate your content’s quality and pertinence. Enhance, update, or eliminate any content that falls short of being high-quality or original.
  • Guard Your Site’s Reputation: Exercise diligence regarding third-party content and partnerships. Verify that any external contributions or collaborations are in line with Google’s recent policy updates and safeguard the credibility of your site.
  • Keep Up-To-Date: As Google’s guidelines and policies are continuously updated, keeping abreast of these changes is vital for refining your SEO approach dynamically.

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