How Facebook Ads Help Businesses Grow

Facebook has impacted just about every industry imaginable. But it’s hard to overstate just how significant the platform has been in the world of digital marketing.

In particular, the rise of Facebook Ads has given businesses of every size a gigantic opportunity. They now have the chance to reach and convert a global target audience – via paid online advertising.

Whether you’re an international industry leader or a brick-and-mortar corner store, your business can develop a successful Facebook Ads campaign that increases sales and captures your audience’s attention.

If you’ve avoided Facebook Ads in the past, it’s likely that your competitors haven’t. Rather than letting the gap widen between you and your rivals, consider how and why your operation must incorporate social media marketing into your advertising strategy.

Low-Cost Marketing

Low Cost Marketing

Business owners who aren’t as savvy with online technology often overlook the benefits of the digital landscape. Instead, many choose to turn to traditional methods, such as television commercials or print advertisements.

The truth is they’re costly, ineffective and increasingly obsolete. 

Although these formats still have their place in the marketing world, Facebook Ads enable small to medium-sized enterprises to attract a major audience at a much lower cost. 

With Facebook proving to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising available today, a properly configured campaign can reach your target market and get them to take action with a stellar return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Targeted Reach

Targeted Reach

As digital advertising has become increasingly sophisticated, online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn help brands pinpoint their most desired audience during the campaign creation process.

Rather than advertising your products and services to the biggest group of people possible, which is bound to include many who simply won’t purchase, Facebook Ads make it incredibly simple to target an engaged audience.

With Facebook offering incredibly detailed user metrics, you can reach customers based on their demographics, such as age, gender, location and salary, alongside complex ideas like interests and past behaviours.

Increased Brand Awareness

Increased Brand Awareness

Brands looking to spread the word about their latest products and services need to use top-quality Facebook marketing services. This helps build momentum and enables you to compete with the industry leaders. 

Even if your business is superior to the competition, much of your success relies on your customers knowing how your service rises above. Through the power of targeted Facebook advertising, you can educate customers on these details and showcase how you understand their pain points.

Alongside this increased brand awareness comes new followers for your profile, ensuring your future campaigns reach a bigger and more engaged customer base.

Measurable Engagement

Measurable Engagement

Achieving a stellar ROAS is possible on Facebook, thanks to the platform’s remarkably in-depth analytics. Supported by clear information on how many impressions, click-throughs and conversions your ads generate, you can use these insights to deliver even more success.

In addition, Facebook allows advertisers to create custom metrics. If you’ve started a campaign with a specific goal in mind, you can ensure your analytics track the correct data and confirm whether it achieves the intended objective.

In conjunction with other measurable features, Facebook provides companies leading data-driven campaigns with the information they need to review and adjust their strategies in real-time.

Boost SEO Rankings

Boost SEO Rankings
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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is massively important for businesses looking to increase their visibility on Google. But how do Facebook Ads help?

Increasing engagement on your social media content creates powerful signals that push your Facebook profile up the search engine rankings.

In addition, Facebook Ads don’t just have to be used to hard-sell your products and services. Promoting conversational posts also increases your visibility to relevant users. This helps drive more customers to your page and generate an active community of users. 

With these indirect factors helping to improve your SEO performance, generating the most likes, comments and shares on your ads is definitely within your best interests.

Enter New Markets

Enter New Markets

Expanding your reach into an entirely new market is a complex and time-consuming process. However, Facebook advertising has consistently delivered outstanding results, as you can easily target specific geographical areas with a precise campaign.

Whether you’ve developed a new product for a specific audience or have reached a level that enables you to advertise in a new country, Facebook offers comprehensive features that help you on your journey. 

For instance, the Lookalike Audiences tool means you can use the demographics of your existing customer base to attract global consumers. Meanwhile, dynamic country ads streamline your processes, as international customers always receive relevant product information. 

Convert Mobile Audiences

Convert Mobile Audiences

A hugely significant marketing trend has been the shift to mobile devices. In fact, the latest research found that over 98% of active Facebook accounts now access the social media network via their mobile phone.

Today, there are seven different mobile ad placements to engage this audience. From standard ads that appear in the news feed to targeted content shared in Messenger, Facebook makes it easy to stand out to a mobile audience.

Also, the addition of Facebook Stories to the mobile platform has proved a great success. Why not see how your business can experiment with these exciting opportunities.

Control Your Budget

Control Your Budget

Businesses looking to grow from the ground up need to carefully consider how to spend their marketing budget. Luckily, Facebook advertising is not only highly cost-effective. But business owners also maintain strict control over their budget.

Once you’re ready to put your campaign in motion, you can set a daily or lifetime budget, so you don’t needlessly overspend.

There’s no restriction on when you’re allowed to increase or decrease your budget, meaning you can quickly alter your approach if it isn’t working.

For a platform that increases sales and grows your audience, turn your attention to Facebook advertising today.

Time to Transform Your Business

Facebook Ads have changed the world of digital marketing forever. But even if your business has ignored this incredible opportunity until now, it’s not too late to adopt exceptional Facebook marketing services.

The First Page team has gained a reputation for outstanding Facebook advertising. We deliver highly profitable campaigns for businesses across virtually every industry. No matter your product or target market, we can execute a strategy that not only achieves, but exceeds your expectations! 

Sound like an unmissable opportunity? Chat with our Facebook advertising experts to launch a campaign that uses the latest marketing trends to skyrocket your growth!

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